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Have faith in your abilities and don’t let anyone try to convince you that you should be doing something less challenging. Adversity tends to bring out the best in you, so take that as it is and make a success of it. 


Inspiration will come to you today if you sit quietly and allow your inner voice to just speak to you. The moment you stop searching so hard for the answers is the moment when they will start to come to you. Your higher self knows what you need so just let it happen. 


Your imaginative powers are still on a high and you have to do something positive with them between now and the weekend. Success will depend to a large extent on how eager you are to take creative chances.


You can’t think of yourself as separate from other people. I am telling you that if you cut yourself off from those around you today you’re going to also cut yourself off from the love and support they will give you when the going gets rough. 


You might hear some bad news of some kind today but try your best not to focus on it for more than a minute or two. Your future is still in your own hands, so be positive and keep believing that you’re a winner. 


The questions you ask yourself over the next few days will set the scene for the next few months, so ask away and leave nothing out. You’re going to have to face a harsh truth or two but you will be stronger for it in the long-term. 



What you have been working on in recent weeks has gone extremely well for you but if it hasn’t been completed… you need to get a move on. This weekend could very well possibly bring a change in your fortunes, so don’t waste any time. 


Only positive thoughts are to be allowed today. The moment a negative idea creeps into your head you need to grab it and throw it as far away from you as possible… Because what you think now could absolutely be your reality in a matter of days. 


If you ignore what your inner voice tries to tell you today then you will have no one but yourself to blame when it all falls apart. The line between fact and fiction can sometimes be thin, so be smart and listen. 


You need to keep up the pressure on someone who has not been pulling their weight. Make it clear that you are no longer going to do their work for them and that if they don’t buck up their ideas then it’s goodbye from you. 


You must be totally and completely honest with yourself about what you have to get done and how you have to do it. You won’t get any leeway today, so forget about your social life for the next 24 hours and put in some serious work! 


It’s not true that other people are getting the breaks while you have to struggle – so stop feeling sorry for yourself and start taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities that the universe is sending your way and be grateful.