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Aries is the initiator, and this sign may seem lucky but it’s only because they create their own luck. They don’t wait for luck to be dished out to them from some outside source. 


Taurens do not experience much luck and they would not hesitate to say that more bad luck has happened to them instead of good luck. But… what a Taurus does instead is make the best out of a bad situation which is why they they are one of the superior signs


Geminiis lucky only because they have their smarts and wits to face any obstacle that comes their way. They know how to remove themselves from any situation they want out of which is a pretty lucky skill to be blessed with


Cancers are extremely lucky even though their strong emotions don’t let them see it or appreciate it. The fact that they have a comfortable home, a loving family, and delicious food accessible to them makes them pretty lucky. 


Leos are not particularly lucky but the thing that goes in their favor is that they have an innate sense of who they are. They know what they can accomplish, and they will find a way around it if they are thrown by obstacles that can stop them from attaining their goals.


Virgos are not lucky either but the fact that they have a great gift to focus and learn, they know how to face bad luck and to learn from it. 


Libras are one of the luckiest signs around and the thing is that they don’t take it for granted. They know they are lucky and that is why they have such a positive outlook on life. 


Scorpios are thought to be quite unlucky due to how intense they are. But, that is not the case. Scorpios are very lucky. They know how to manifest anything that they want because they know how to put their mind to it.


Sagittarius is the luckiest sign. They just know how to attract good fortune whether they they are at home. They will find themselves winning contests frequently, they would even be likely to win the jackpot or be awarded free first class – for no apparent reason. 


Capricorns may not appear to be lucky. But, the fact of the matter is when it comes to money, they are very lucky. They know how to attract money. They are the type to make profits from investments and end up with large inheritances from relatives they never knew well.


Aquarians is one of the unluckiest signs. They are constantly dealing with obstacles and bad luck, but they fight. And they know how to get past it through their innovative and creative ways of thinking. 


Pisces are pretty lucky but unlike Libra, there is no appreciation for it. Pisces take their good luck for granted and expect it as well which you wouldn’t expect from out little quiet fishes