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You probably feel a little insecure about your appearance today. This can be a vicious cycle to get into and the result is almost always negative. Rather than pick yourself apart, find some ways to boost your confidence today.


Jealousy might rear its head today. The key to it all is to understand where and why you feel insecure. If you're jealous of a friend… ask what's going on in the relationship. If this comes up at work, ask if it is because you don't feel recognized for your contributions. Examine the cause of jealousy because it's almost always a symptom of a deeper problem.


Arts and crafts are going to interest you today even if you lean more toward sports. The process of creating can be richly satisfying, both in the process and in the satisfaction of a finished product. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore this, as the day's energy will support your abilities.


Getting along with others may prove challenging today. Withdrawing from the situation and isolating is just the easy way out.. You probably feel impatient and annoyed so if being alone is an option today… go for it. 


Don't be surprised if you're a little sad today. Your sensitivity to almost everything… including your own feelings… is going to be at an all time high. Cry if you need to and try not to get in your feelings too much. Chances are good that things will look better tomorrow. 


Fanaticism or obsessive thinking is something you need to look at today. Common areas for such behaviors are in the pursuit of money, power, success, and romance. There's a fine line between ambition and obsession. If you find that you think of nothing else but one thing, it’s time to talk with someone about it. 


Don't act impulsively today. It could be easy to confuse this with being spontaneous. With this day's influence, be certain to look before you jump and think everything through and read the fine print more than once. 


It’s time to take a more drastic approach to a problem. As long as "drastic" doesn't mean "destructive," you’ll find success trying something far more forward and insistent. Think things through carefully first and run any ideas you have past a trusted friend.


Tap into your creativity to unblock the emotional flow today. This can be a powerful tool and creativity is a big part of who you are, almost as big as communication. Your emotions link to these two aspects and constantly interact beneath the surface. If one gets blocked, release it by focusing on the other. 


You might need to deal with someone's disapproval today. This will likely come from someone you see as either a superior or authority figure. While it's important to listen to this person, if what they say involves your job, personal life, or how you choose to live… it's no one's concern but yours. 


Time alone is essential for everyone, but make sure you recognize when you're isolated to the point where it's unhealthy. If you realize you're alone because you're avoiding something, you need to consider your alternatives. Things will only get worse under these conditions. Face whatever it is that's upsetting you so you can begin to work things out.


Watch out for the green-eyed monster today. It can rear up before you can even say the word "jealousy." Most situations that cause these feelings are born out of insecurity. If you aren't secure in your job, relationship, or family, and feel threatened by someone, it's time to take a look at the cause.