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Don't fear any changes that lie ahead today. Even if you think you don't adjust well, you have more adaptability than you realize. Without change, life would become stagnant. It won’t be long before you become dissatisfied and bored with the same old thing so try to see change as an adventure and a gateway to greater happiness and fulfillment. 


Make your dreams a tool for gaining insight today. Whether you think dreams are mystical insights or random brainwaves, there is a lot to be gained from them. Recurring dreams hold significance and they can point to something that you need to take care of. 


Follow your instincts even if you have a tendency to listen more to reason… just put it aside today. While your ears hear words, your intuition can hear what's between the words and unsaid, providing you with a bigger picture than whatever is presented. If everything sounds right but feels wrong, you're better off trusting your feelings. 


Feed your mind new knowledge so go and visit a bookstore or read some interesting information online today. There's knowledge to be had everywhere you look and people are usually the best resource. 


Try to see nightmares as safe ways to understand your feelings. No one likes to experience nightmares and you usually forget them once were awake, but the best way to ensure they don't return is to understand them. Fear, pain, and anxiety are the most common ingredients of a real cold-sweat nightmare.


Ask yourself if you are living your dreams to start your day.The energy of the day can lend strength and encouragement to this part of your life so go out there and seize the opportunity to take hold of the things that you want most of all. 


Check out advancing your career or education today. The energy can favor expansion and growth. If flower arranging, skydiving, or massage therapy is something that appeals to you, go for it. Never stop looking for ways to expand your knowledge.


Talk to yourself today and ask yourself if you recognize your intuition as a valuable asset. It's easier to trust in concrete, factual reality than in things you can't see or touch. But your intuition can serve you more than you may realize. That gut feeling you experience can guide you with caution and alert you to danger. Put more trust in it and see for yourself.


Use your creativity to make things happen today. Remember that creativity doesn't always take the form of a finished product. Use it to come up with innovative ways to approach a task, project, or problem. Trust in your ability to get whatever your heart is set out to do, done.


Find some new ways to expand your horizons. Social media has an infinite amount of information to explore. Think about what you'd enjoy learning and go out there today and do it. Whether self-defense or an art class strikes your fancy, it's out there. Find it.


Step out of your routine today. Walking to a different beat can give you far more than you imagine. Try something you've never considered before and go somewhere new. Change your desk around to gain a new perspective and see what you can discover about yourself and the world.


Ask yourself if you’re satisfied with where you’re at this morning. If not, start by making a plan. Don't settle for less than you deserve. See what you can find, and move toward a more fulfilling future.