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The odds are not stacked against you and no, your rivals don’t have the upper hand. Your strength, stamina and self-belief will be more than enough to see you through the challenges of the next few days. You’re still one of life’s winners.


There are things going on behind the scenes that in time will answer all your questions, so stop worrying about how the future will turn out and just live in the moment. Everything will be revealed to you when the time is right.


Put your own needs first and don’t worry if it makes you look selfish in some people’s eyes. Most likely they are the people who expect you to dop everything to do things for them every hour of the day. Remind them that you are their equal, not their servant.


Taking chances today is just not a good idea for you. You also should not trust anyone who tries to convince you that their needs and your needs are exactly the same. That’s the furthest thing from your situation


News from afar will cheer you up today and news closer to home will be just as rewarding, so keep your eyes and ears open and be ready to take advantage if an offer lands in your lap. If it feels right to you, go for it right away before you miss an opportunity.


It’s going to be your job to put out some fires over the next few days, especially in the kind of one-to-one relationships that can easily become competitive. Make it your business to look at disputes from a neutral position and your integrity will be appreciated.


What goes down today will alert you to the fact that you have been a little bit too tunnel-visioned of late. You can easily refocus and make up for lost time but in the future try not to look in one direction only for the solutions you need.


You can be judgmental at times and that’s going to be a problem today if someone you work or socialize with thinks you are being overly harsh. Not everyone is as cut-throat as you, so give some grace for those who have a more sensitive nature.


Today you’re going to be set up with two questions. Do you try to protect a family member from the consequences of their actions? Or do you step in and make sure they don’t get hurt? On this occasion it would probably be wise to let them get on with it. They’ll learn better from their own mistakes.


Your can-do attitude will take you a long way today and you will go even further later in the week if you go about things the right way. No task will be too much for you but don’t let others take advantage of your fearless nature.


If someone owes you a favor this would be a good time to give them a nudge and remind them of that fact. The longer you leave it the less likely it is they will remember to repay you for the efforts you made on their behalf. 


If a colleague presses you to sign up to something that you are not entirely sure is a good idea you have to push back. You won’t know until tomorrow, if it’s right for you, so don’t let them rush you and just take your time.