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If someone tells you something that is obviously not true don’t let them know you have seen through their lies. Allow them to incriminate themselves further so that when you do eventually reveal you know they are lying they are in no position to deny it.


You may not be the sort to suffer fools gladly but if you are smart you will let someone talk on and on without giving any indication that you don’t believe a word they say. You have more important things to focus on, so don’t waste time making a scene.


You will need to be ruthless with a friend or colleague today, because if you let them get away with making a silly mistake, it will reflect as badly on you as it does on them. Protect your reputation.


Don’t worry if you have to go and do some things alone today because you have nothing to fear and everything to gain. This is not an invitation to behave recklessly but you do need to be a bit more assertive and you don’t need others holding you back. 


It’s not like you to be cautious but if your sixth sense tells you to move at a slower pace today you have to listen to it. You’ve survived a lot of close calls lately but even a Leo’s luck is not unlimited, so play safe for a bit.


Whatever challenging situation you are faced with today you have to seize the initiative and take control of it quickly. If you allow other people to lead the way it’s more than likely you will end up in some place you don’t want to go.


As a Libra you know that no one is either completely good or completely bad and if you keep that fact in mind today you should be able to stay calm in the face of a trying situation. Don’t take what a friend says in anger too seriously.


Something that is worth having will replace something that is no longer of much value today, so be happy that you are trading up and don’t try to hold on to both. As exchanges go it’s a good one – you will gain much more than you lose. 


Other people may doubt your capabilities but you have total confidence in yourself and that self-belief will see you through a trying situation, or two, between now and the weekend. Whatever life throws at you just pick it up and throw it back!


At some point today you will need to do something that rocks the boat a bit. On the work front, especially, some of your colleagues appear to have got stuck in a rut and you must make it your business to pull them out of it.


If someone owes you a favor this would be a good time to give them a nudge and remind them of that fact. The longer you leave it the less likely it is that they will remember to repay you for the efforts you made on their behalf.


If a friend or family member presses you to sign up to something that you are not entirely sure is a good idea you have to push back. Stand your ground and take no crap from anyone who doesn’t respect you.