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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: How Your March Will Go Based Off Your Sign


This month, your dreams might feel more vivid than real life. You're going to be pulled deeper into your inner world so prepare for spiritual revelations and healing moments, because you're releasing the past and moving forward with forgiveness this month. 


Your social life is expanding this month, so explore your friendships with others. You're going to have an opportunity to refine your network. Embrace platonic love and group endeavors, because you have more things in common with others than you think. 


You're tapping into your ambitious side this month, so get to work. You’re going to set out to reach your goals and manifest your ideal career. Let this guide you toward the professional success you've been envisioning. However, in order for something new to begin, you may need to let something come to an end. 


You're in for a beautiful month, so soak up all the positive experiences headed your way. Your will definitely find yourself coming back into your preferred energy space. Make it a goal this month to enjoy the journey rather than obsessing over the destination. 


You're experiencing a lot all at once, so be kind to yourself. You’re going to have a moment of transformation, encouraging you to reenforce your boundaries and let go of the extra weight that's no longer your responsibility to carry.


Your relationships are taking a beautiful turn this month, so embrace love, connection, and loyalty. Take this opportunity to start a brand-new chapter with the people you care about. By March 3, your life will get even more interesting and you will see an increase in your desire for something wild.


You're reconnecting with the process this month, so take comfort in the activities and rituals that leave you feeling grounded. You're going to see opportunities to improve your daily routine and bring order to your reality. Let the truth facilitate warmth this month.


This month could quite possibly be the best month of your entire year. As you embrace the healing powers of your fellow water sign, it will pour energy into your creative fuel tank, giving you the inspiration to achieve your creative dreams.


You're lighting a fire, grabbing your softest blanket, and doing something that centers you, because this month is about bringing you back home. You’re going to feel a lot of love from your home and family, and it’s going to urge you to nurture your personal life with some heartfelt energy. 


Embrace things that excite your mind this month. Intellectual exchange is coming your way and it’s going to encourage you to refine the way you give and receive information. BUT by March 9th, the energy will become far more interesting. There is going to be an intensifying level of passion and domination in your life. There may be a power struggle, so set boundaries and lay out some ground rules.


This month is about building a safety net and having something to lean on. It will also deepen your connection with the world around you, reminding you to fully embrace the simple pleasures. You’re going to see opportunities to set financial goals and to attain the level of luxury you desire.


You're seeing what you're capable of this month, and much to your surprise, you're capable of a whole lot. Take advantage of this opportunity to set the tone for how you'd like this next phase of your life to go. Your solar return is bringing you a revelation about who you're becoming.