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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: What Kind Of Wedding You Should Plan


Aries- let’s put it this way—you are the go-getters of the zodiac. When it comes to getting married, you’re going to just jump right on to it. You are not the type of person who would obsess over the color of the napkins or the wedding favors. You just want to get married, PERIOD. Aries like modern celebrations and keeping it simple without too much crazy focus on the details. 


If you are invited to a wedding of a Taurus, prepare to be in nature … completely unplugged. So they may ask you to check all your electronics at the door and just be in the moment. A Taurus would love to have a barn wedding. I don’t think they would hate a farmhouse wedding either. But make no mistake, nothing will be done on the cheap. Taurus requires only the best quality of everything.


As an air sign, Gemini is also the ruler of communication and transportation, so don’t be surprised if there’s a food truck at their wedding. Gemini’s would be down for having things like donuts and macaroons at their wedding. They love to travel as well, so they would certainly have a wedding somewhere else or they would go on a really special honeymoon afterwards.


Cancers, you old souls. We know you love the past. There is nothing more special to you like wearing your mother’s dress or another heirloom. Cancers enjoy a vintage setting. So this is a sign that would go all out to create a cool vintage atmosphere, even with their bridesmaids’ dresses.


We love to shine and sparkle, which is not surprising considering they turn heads in every room they walk into. When a Leo plans a wedding, it’s about giving you their all. And they love a luxurious party and a dramatic entry, too. As far as colors go, gold is the color of the sun, and it’s also Leo’s power shade… so expect all things golden


As an earth sign, Virgo likes to be surrounded by nature, so they would love a f forest or a vineyard wedding where there is a good deal of greenery involved. This is not going to be a rustic celebration though- It’s a little bit like glamping. The perfect setting is earthy in its natural beauty, but the wedding is produced in a very crisp and elegant way.


Good news, Libra—the stars have gifted you with a natural sense of style that just comes so effortlessly to you. Libras are all for your classic wedding that is well done and all things are matching— from the glassware to the napkins to the detailing on the chair. The fine details are very important to them—their dress should look seamlessly in the surroundings. On a separate note, expect to see “superior attention to detail” in every Libra’s wedding resume.


Just like Virgos, Scorpios feel most comfortable during their birthday month, November, or better make it season—fall. They would love a Halloween kind of wedding or a November wedding— whenever the leaves are falling is when they are ready to tie the knot.


Sagittarius are definitely the travelers of the zodiac. Sags like nothing more than picking out the perfect suitcase, looking at airline tickets, or really nice design hotels. Needless to say, they are the queens of destination weddings. They are also very interested in foreign cultures, so this might be the sign that integrates a certain ethnic look into their wedding, maybe coming from their own background and ethnic heritage. 


Capricorns just love a good old formal ball. When they choose a wedding date, Capricorns usually go for the wintertime. They just love a winter wonderland. That’s because a lot of the styles that they lean towards are more wintry—formal and glamorous. Think an old Hollywood kind of wedding or a grand ball.


Aquarians like integrating different sorts of spiritual traditions in their wedding or saying their vows in a different way. They are all about non-traditional wedding venues so if you get a wedding invitation and the venue is inside of a treehouse- it’s probably your favorite Aquarius getting married.


Pisces love the mystical magic world. They love the idea of creating an absolutely unreal wedding. So, Pisces, maybe when you thought your friend’s Harry Potter-themed wedding was the coolest thing ever, that wasn’t just a coincidence. Whatever magical environment you decide to surround yourself and your guests with, make sure you hire a great DJ or a great band (or both).