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Both your work and your wellbeing are under challenging stars at the moment, so resist the urge to push yourself harder than ever and give yourself a much-needed break instead. Colleagues may complain but they can’t force you to overdo it- you should tell anyone who gives you pushback to mind their business. 


If you act on a hunch over the next 24 hours you may discover something that makes you aware of a number of new possibilities. You’re going to want to focus on a team project that is coming up because if you go all in- you will see things start falling into your hands. 


You are definitely going to be set up to have one or two emotional ups and downs today. Try to recognize that no matter what might be said it’s highly unlikely that loved ones mean a word of it… especially if it’s a little hurtful. 


Your travel and social activities are subject to being put off or even canceled today, so promise yourself that you won’t get angry if you have to change your plans. The good news is you may actually be relieved you don’t have to be on the move. 


Something of a creative nature that you start to work on today could make you a lot of money but you must make sure your heart is in it – don’t just do it for the extra cash. If the passion isn’t there you’ll struggle to do quality work. 


Relationships of all kinds are going to be challenging for you today so you have to be on your best behavior. Both at home and at work you won’t be allowed to get away with giving less than 100 per cent. So be ready for all eyes on you today.


You might feel that people in your circle are going to undermine your confidence but it is only a passing phase, so stay strong. Looking back, you may wonder why you allowed yourself to get so worked up about so many trivial things. 


You are going to feel extremely creative today but it’s inevitable that you are going to face a setback of some kind, so stay sharp both at home and at work and keep telling yourself it will work out for the best in the end. Somehow it always does for Scorpios anyways. 


You may have the opinion that someone has got it in for you, and maybe they do… but there is little that they can actually do to hurt you, so don’t be afraid to take them on. They’re more scared of you than you need to be of them. Remember that today.


News from a distance is going to cause you some alarm today but think carefully before you react. Once you look into the situation you will realize it’s not such a big deal after all. Some people enjoy making a drama out of a crisis – don’t be one of them. 


The more someone tries to persuade you that their latest big idea is a guaranteed money-spinner, and that you really have to be in on it… RUN FOR THE HILLS. They are either crooked or don’t know what they are talking about. 


Your partner (if you have one) and colleagues will get hugely over-emotional today but don’t worry because it won’t affect you one little bit. There’s no way you will allow your feelings to get the better of you.