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You cannot afford to let anyone take liberties today. If you allow a friend or colleague to get away with a small wrongdoing…it won’t be long before they are making big ones, at your expense. Protect your interests and cause a scene if you have to. 


As one of the zodiac’s “fixed” signs you have strong opinions on just about everything but you need to recognize that other people have strong views too and if you don’t take them into consideration today then a major falling-out might go down today. 


You will be encouraged to seek out opportunities for advancement today. Look at each new person you encounter as a potential partner rather than a dangerous rival and see how things will actually start to work out in your favor.


If you let your imagination off the leash today it could lead you in some interesting new directions. You won’t find it hard to see opportunities, in fact your hyperactive mind will notice links and connections way before anyone else does. So keep an open mind throughout the day


Expect a nice surprise, or two or three, over the next few days. It’s not every day that Lady Luck smiles on you to this extent, so make the most of it and make a point of sharing your good fortune with friends and loved ones.


You may be tempted to push a project through to a quick conclusion so you can move on to something else but I’m telling you right now to think again before you act. Take your time and make a good job of it so you can look back on it later with pride.


The most important thing now is that you are motivated by a desire to do good in the world rather than a craving for success of a material nature. Libra is the sign of partnerships, so join with like-minded people today and do something amazing.


You’re going to feel like you’re on top of the world today but I am telling you scorpios… you have to play by the rules today. Learn that lesson the easy way rather than the hard way. And the easy way is me telling you this right now


Something you have been working on for several months has reached the stage where you have to either commit to it or cut your losses and call it a day. It’s not like you to give in so easily, so keep at it – it can still be a success. 


Go out and enjoy yourself today. Laugh and sing and have a good time. And if anyone tries to make you feel guilty for having fun while others are suffering, tell them to get lost. A smile does more good in the world than a frown.


You will go out of your way to help other people today but you must also be aware that some of those people won’t hesitate to take advantage of your generous nature. Being of service does not mean you have to be a fool.


You know what you want, you know where to get it and you know that if you believe in yourself no force on Earth can stop you from reaching your goal. So what are you waiting for? Start changing your life for the better today.