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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: What April Fool's Day Prank To Pull


The perfect prank for an Aries is a surprise glitter attack! Simply grab a funny card to give to your selected target, and then carefully fill the envelope with ultra-fine craft glitter. Place it on your co-worker’s desk for an office prank or leave it for your friend to find, and watch as they get the surprise of their life.


The best prank for a Taurus to pull is one that involves making subtle changes to someone’s routine or surroundings, such as rearranging their desk or room, putting duct tape on the bottom of someone’s computer mouse. To pull off the mouse prank, cut a tiny piece of duct tape in the same color as the person’s mouse and attach it to the bottom. When your target starts complaining about tech issues, try giving them bogus advice on how to fix it for some added laughs


The best prank for a gemini to pull is to sneak out and put a“Please Honk!” sign on the back of your targets car. Print out a sign, or use washable window markers to pull this one off… make sure the person you pull this prank on doesn’t have road rage though… that could end up bad


Cancers are likely to pull pranks involving food or snacks, like surprising their friends with a box of treats … with a twist. You can pull off this prank in a few ways—like offering a box of jelly doughnuts that have vegetables hidden inside. Or taking out the filling in oreos and replacing it with toothpaste.


Leo’s are the type to pull a prank with some full-on drama and something that causes a scene in public. The classic broken-car-window gag is perfect for you. Place a fake broken-glass decal on the window of a friend’s car, then make sure to approach the car with them from a distance and watch as they freak out.


Virgos would be down for a prank that involves the clever use of everyday items, like swapping sugar and salt or filling shampoo bottles with bubble bath. Or you could go old-school with a classic jump scare. 


Libras pull pranks that involve bringing different groups of people together or creating unexpected situations. That’s why launching a surprise confetti attack on April Fools’ Day is perfect. You’ll just need some confetti to place on top of your ceiling fan. Then wait for your unsuspecting victim to turn on the fan and be showered with a fun surprise.


Scorpios enjoy a good prank that involves some secrecy. They love pushing boundaries and will use humor as a way to shock or provoke others. Since they love pranks with a good scare factor—your ideal prank involves scaring your friends based on their fears. So if you know someone with a touch of arachnophobia, put a realistic-looking fake spider in their shoe or in their car


Sagittarians enjoy putting notices on board with fake news, an “out of service” message on the elevator is the best prank you could pull. All you need is a roll of caution tape and a convincing story to tell your building maintenance team. Then tape up your warning signs, and watch as your co-workers have to take the stairs!


A good prank for a Capricorn could be an office prank like hiding or replacing supplies and waiting for everyone else to get frustrated. Another idea would be switching out the toilet paper to the kind that just rips as soon as you use it. 


A good prank for an Aquarius would be creating a fake news story to shock some people. You’re average troll if you know what I mean. The trick to this one is creating a crazy headline that could actually happen!


This perfect prank to pull as a pisces is a classic that takes almost no planning. Just grab a can of silly string and hide. Then wait for your April Fools’ victim to find you, and unleash your can of silly string! Not only will they get a big scare, but you’re also sure to get a laugh or two.