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Communication is strong in your chart today, which could work for you or against you. It is more likely to be a positive influence if you make a conscious effort to curb the sarcastic side of your nature. People don’t like being ridiculed but especially not today.


You might find yourself making an extra special effort to help a friend or relative who needs your assistance today, but you probably won’t get much thanks for it. That’s OK. You are not helping them because you want praise but because you want to do good. So keep that in mind when you’re feeling underappreciated. Remember your why


Whatever you try to do today something is likely to happen that ruins your plans, which is frustrating to say the least. However, a few days from now you’re going to look back and be thankful the universe stepped in to stop you making a fool of yourself.


There will be times today when, for no apparent reason, your confidence deserts you. The good news is there are absolutely no grounds for believing that you should fear the worst. Ignore any irrational anxieties you may have and carry on as before. Tomorrow will be so much better


You won’t lack ideas about how to improve your chances of professional success. But you have to make sure that colleagues and employers don’t feel threatened. Tread lightly at work today and just move in ways that can benefit you in the long run


If someone you work or do business with makes a big deal out of something you think is of only minor importance your best course of action is to pretend you sympathize with them. The last thing they want to hear at the moment is a rational voice. Just fake it till things eventually fall your way… the right way


Think carefully before volunteering for something you don’t know much about. People may be impressed by your positive attitude but if you take on too much and make a mess of the job it won’t look good on your end. Be very specific on what you put on your plate


Steer clear of situations where you are not in full control of events. Your confidence may be high at the moment but that won’t be enough to guarantee success or protect you from rivals who would like nothing better than to see you fail.


The more other people try to talk down your abilities today the more you will strive to show them that you have what it takes. Just be careful they don’t lead you into a trap by setting goals they know are well beyond your capabilities.


It is of the utmost importance that you know what you are talking about today, because if you guess or exaggerate even a little bit your enemies will use that against you. Not even the most well-informed Sag should claim to know it all but today things really might come back to bite you if you let it


It’s not like you to let self-doubt hold you back but today will have you thinking the worst about a situation that nine times out of ten would not worry you in the slightest. This is good though because you honestly need to give things more thought and not act on impulse.


You won’t be shy about speaking your mind today. Some of your ideas might be a bit too outrageous for some people’s tastes, so be smart and think before you speak. And always watch your words around people who aren’t the biggest fan of you- they will use it against you eventually