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You are not the sort to watch every word you say but if you are smart you will think twice before pointing out to others where they have been going wrong. They are well aware of their mistakes and don’t need you to labor the point. Really watch your mouth because they have been holding some things back when it comes to you


It would be nice to believe that everyone is as honest and trustworthy as you are but you know that isn’t true. If you want others to follow your standards and principles today you will most likely be disappointed, so lower your expectations a bit.


You may be finding a task you thought would be simple… a lot tougher than expected but don’t give up on it. You are at the halfway point now, so you might as well carry on to the end. It will get easier soon.


Someone in a position of authority is looking to see how you handle yourself when the pressure is on and they will put you to the test today. Here’s your heads-up right now so you can prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to put on a show for the people you need to impress


You will do something today that leaves even those who know you well… open-mouthed with astonishment. Life has a been a bit too tame for your liking as of late, so stir things up and see where it leads. You’ll have a good laugh if nothing else and you definitely need a smile to make you feel better


If a friend or colleague makes you a tempting offer today you have to give yourself plenty of time – 24 hours at least – to think it over. If they try to rush you into making a decision that’s a sure sign that they are going to try to take advantage of you


If you let too many people know what you are aiming to do then one or more of them is going to try to steal your plans and make them yours. Deal with others on a need to know basis today – and keep your distance from people that are just trying to slither their way into your life.


If you owe a friend a favor this would be a good day to pay it off. Go out of your way to help them and don’t measure what you do for them by what they did for you – a small act of kindness counts as much as a big one. Don’t be like grant today and pay it forward


All things are possible for you today… but don’t get carried away. If you bite off more than you can chew today you could end up choking, so be smart and keep your head on a swivel!


Be honest about how you feel today, because if you give others the impression that everything is fine they are going to continue to do things that upset you. The world at large may think you are tough but you have your sensitive side like everyone else. No need to hold it in


It’s not like you to let self-doubt hold you back but today will have you thinking the worst about a situation that nine times out of ten would not worry you in the slightest. Maybe that’s good, maybe you do need to give it more thought.


You have to be even-handed in situations where there are competing and clashing ambitions. Use your talent for bringing people together to get everyone together to discuss their differences, and make sure they all feel free to have their say.