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If you do someone a favor today you will be in their good books for weeks, months, maybe even years to come – yes, I’m being forreal… you really will have that much of an impact. Don’t expect anything in return because it’s more than likely not going to happen.


You are going to be able to see the truth in a situation that leaves other people confused. Don’t make a fuss of it though if they continue to fail to join the dots – their stupidity can’t harm you in any way. So keep that in mind today


You have been kept in the dark far too long and now you have to insist that people in your corner let you in on the secret they are hiding from you. Chances are it’s not nearly as awful as either you or they fear, so discuss what you hear, learn from it and move on together.


You may have found it difficult to express yourself in recent weeks but starting today you will begin to find your voice. Don’t say too much though – words chosen carefully will have the biggest impact.


This is probably not a good time to let a colleague or employer know what you really think of them, because once you start to list their faults and failings you won’t know when to stop – and that could destroy your relationship completely and honestly put you out of a job


If you focus your mind in a single direction today you will discover things that most people are incapable of recognizing. What looks like chaos to them will make perfect sense to your ordered mind. Take advantage of it


You need to find a way to remove yourself from a situation that is costing you more than you can afford and will continue to cost you as time goes on. A short-term loss is inevitable but in the long-term you will be better off. So just keep that in mind when you’re going thru these next couple of days


If you have found it hard to get through to loved ones recently… you can easily make up for it now. The first move has to come from you and you really need to get your ducks in a row and figure out what is important to you and prioritize them.


If you feel that your working life is going around in circles then do something about it. List all the projects you have on the go and cross out the ones that do not inspire you. The one thing that is left is the one thing that truly matters.


All those thoughts that have been tumbling through your head lately are about to come together and make perfect sense today. There is a pattern to your existence and you need to know what it is. Really think about that today


You may have found it hard to communicate with a loved one recently – as if there was some sort of invisible barrier between you – but today… both you and them will be able to open up again. You have so much to tell each other and it’s about time you start communicating


By all means turn on the charm today but make sure you direct it at the right people. Not everyone deserves to feel the warmth of your affection, so save yourself for those who do and leave them in no doubt how special they are.