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You have to look for compromise solutions. That may not be easy for someone as direct and dynamic as you but if you make the effort you will gain far more than you lose. You need other people and they need you too. 


You may not be getting the support you think you are entitled to but don’t make an issue of it. Pretend you are fine with the way things are going and focus only on what brings you joy. Your happiness does not depend on other people.


You may be impulsive by nature but there is a full moon today and it might be smart to take your time and make sure you don’t make any silly mistakes. They may not seem important now but they could cost you some serious money later on. 


You may have found it difficult to express yourself recently but you will begin to find your voice. I promise. Be smart and aware of what you are putting out in the world.


You may be having the time of your life at the moment but some of your friends and relatives have got it tough. Seriously ask yourself what you can you do to help them. To start Leo’s- we can remind them how easy it is to laugh at life, and at themselves.


This is not a good time to take risks with money because you could easily spend too much and leave yourself short later in the month. Before each purchase, ask yourself two simple questions: do I need this and will my partner be mad at me if I get it  


You’re going to get a little bit irritated when dealing with people who do not share your views and your outlook on life. There really is no point getting angry with them – you won’t change them and they won’t change you. Just take it all with a grain of salt


Sometimes you take things more seriously than you should and here is my waring to you scorpios that you will probably let one very minor thing really get to you today. Whatever it is and no matter how it might make you feel, refuse to let it ruin your mood.


Focus on what matters to you and ignore those who try to get you worked up about issues that you couldn't care less about. You cannot change the world but you can make it a better place by being a better person yourself, and that’s enough. 


All of those thoughts that have been tumbling through your head are about to come together and make perfect sense. There is a pattern to your existence and you need to know what it is. Remember your why’s today


Don’t take anything you hear too seriously over the next few days because what you are being told is only half the story, and maybe not even that. The more friends and colleagues gossip the more it will benefit you to close your ears. 


Someone you work or do business with could make life difficult for you for no good reason today but if you refuse to react they will soon lose interest and go off and annoy someone else. Let them see you are immune to any and all provocation.