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There is going to be a come together meeting with the people in your circle regarding some extensive changes in the not too distant future veryyyy soon. The changes are likely to be positive in the end, but for right now they are going to be disruptive for all. Listen carefully to what everyone says, think about it, and then determine your position in the situation.


Career matters are going to prove frustrating today. You're aiming for a specific goal of some kind that you're anxious to reach, but it seems to hit one setback after another… just hang in there! Persevere and keep pushing. Whatever it is you're trying to attain, you will get there. 


A new field of interest might require way too much of your concentration for the next few days. Your mind is especially sharp right now, so this is a good time to begin a new course of study. Take occasional breaks to avoid a mental and physical burnout.


Today… you might find out some information that clues you in to your mental and emotional history. What you learn today could enable you to understand yourself better and let go of some things that are holding you back. 


Your circle of friends is probably changing and it might be happening a little too quickly for your tastes. Your life seems to be going well right now, but you may you probably miss your old friends but just remember that there is a reason those people aren’t in your life anymore. Focus on the future and move ahead!


Although things may be going well for you at work, it's probably taking a physical and emotional toll on you. It might be time for a vacation. Even if you're unable to get away like this weekend, just thinking about and planning a trip can help. Plan to go to a place where you know you will feel relaxed and have fun!


Today is the day to dig in to something that you have a weird feeling about. Your mind and eyes are especially sharp right now… and you're likely to catch details that you might miss under normal circumstances. Whatever you're doing, you will probably find out some information that you aren’t going to be happy about… be ready for that


Today, you might feel caught between the determination to reach a certain goal, and a desire to stay home and work on your own projects. You're clever and resourceful enough to have it both ways. Friends who know the ins and outs might be able to help you along these lines. Think carefully! You may be surprised by what you learn.


A social event could put you in contact with people who love to gossip and start drama. They might have some juicy info to get you in on… but just know that you are going to be torn between curiosity and compassion for the person being talked about. If what you hear is good, relax and enjoy it. If it's vicious, don't be afraid to speak up.


Over the past few months you may have thrown yourself into your work. Today you should give your brain a day off! Don't worry. Your successes haven’t gone unnoticed by higher-ups, and you can expect to reap the rewards that come with hard work. For now, you need to do something light and entertaining to recharge those batteries.


For the past few days your mind has been primarily on the loftier side of romance. Today your mind is likely to be nothing more than physical passion. You can expect to be obsessed with your lover ALL DAY. 


A discussion could take place in your home between you, friends, and household members, Pisces. A love partner may also be present. The conversation will concern controversial issues that the people feel very strongly about, so expect to hear intense debate between opposing views. Your guests will take more of an intellectual than argumentative stance, so you can relax and learn. Have fun!