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Make allowances for those who do not share your sense of adventure and don’t try to force them into doing the same things as you. Loved ones, especially, should be encouraged to be who they are, not who you would like them to be. Just let things be today


We all know you Taurans can be a bit cautious at times but today you will go right the other way and act outrageously. You will have a lot of fun annoying some of your friends but don’t take it too far – there is always a limit. 


An offer you receive out of the blue over the next few days may be intriguing but I’m going to be honest with you- it’s not a good idea. Think long and hard before making a decision. It’s not as good as it sounds.


Keep your plans and dreams to yourself between now and the rest of the weekend, because if the wrong people get to hear about them they will go out of their way to ruin your plans. Not everyone wants to see you succeed, so you need to protect yourself.


You owe someone a favor and this is the perfect time to pay them back. The longer you leave it the harder it will be to come up with a suitable way to thank them for their generosity. Get to it today Leos


Everyone has limits, even a Virgo, and you may need to remind yourself of that fact today. If you expect too much of yourself you will probably fall short. If you expect too much of other people they are sure to disappoint you. Keep that in mind going about your day today


You are going to feel super ambitious today but you need to be cautious too. If you ruffle too many feathers it could have an adverse effect on your reputation. Don’t take that chance today


If you fall into the trap of thinking that nothing can possibly go wrong today then most likely it will. The universe WILL have fun at your expense. So take this as a warning. Too much optimism is rarely a good thing.


What you do between now and the weekend won’t only affect your own prospects for success but will also affect loved ones, work colleagues and friends. Make sure your next move is one that both you and they can happily live with.


Today is going to make it hard to agree with what your partner is doing, and it is going to be just as hard for them to agree with what you are doing. You need to find a middle ground where you can work together for mutual benefit.


Even if what you are working on appears to be going according to plan I’m warning you that there may be something that you have missed, something that could cause some serious problems later on. Find out what that something is and deal with it at once.


You may be tempted to give up on a creative activity that is taking more effort than you expected but don’t be hasty. The toughest part, actually starting, is already done and all you have to do now is keep going a little bit more every day.