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Aries are always known for their firepower! You’re the leader of the pack and ready to conquer the festival and experience everything that it has to offer. To show off your bold and independent personality, definitely wear some shocking and daring outfits that other zodiac signs would never even dream of. Wear red—your power color—to stand out from the crowd!


Down-to-earth Taurans will be ready for next year’s Coachella! You’ll be able to captivate everyone that you meet and as for festival fashion, go for your power colors: pink, green and blue. Go chic with a floral sundress or rock a boho top and cowboy boots for ease and comfort! Don’t worry about going too over the top, and just let your natural beauty shine through. You’re def going to be eager to try out all the food trucks and you’ll be all over the place finding new artists to love


When it comes to everyone’s favorite party pal, it’s you, Gemini! You’re never afraid to stand out from the crowd or dance in the center of it! You’re always eager to have a good time and when it comes to festival fashion, own your sexy side and rock some fun patterns. A jumpsuit with some platform sneakers to dance the night away is your go to outfit and your power color is yellow, so don’t be afraid to be that ball of sunshine running all over the place


While you’re normally more of a homebody, Coachella can entice you to get out of your shell Cancers. Festival fashion that accentuates your style will be perf—so grab a silvery blue or smoky gray romper and gladiator sandal because these power colors will let you own the night! At the festival, we’re sure to find you camping out at your favorite artists set! 


Coachella, for any Leo, is the place to be! This is because we love to be in the limelight! You were born for the spotlight, which obviously means your festival fashion will consist of sparkly chains and bracelets that flash in the sunlight and sparkle in the evening! Go with some power prints, wedge sandals and statement jewelry that will make jaws drop and don’t forget to go all out with your hair. Your power colors are gold, yellow and orange, so don’t be afraid to own that fire! 


Virgo, you have a very special place when it comes to Coachella: you’re the master planner! You know how to fit in every act and orchestrate your crew like no one else! Plan your details, but don’t let your inner perfectionist come out if things go a little off track. It’s Coachella, after all! When it comes to festival fashion, you tend to go polite and modest! Your power colors are green and dark brown, so add them as a western belt, extra fringe or statement jewelry to complete your look.


When it comes to the social media star at Coachella, it’s you, Libra. Whether you’re updating your Instagram or TikTok, you’re always ready to snap a pic and show the world that you’re living your best life. Your zodiac sign is symbolized by the scales and embodies balance, so when it comes to festival fashion, definitely go with a two-piece. Mix and match some silky, wild animal prints and patterns! Your power colors are blue and green, so feel free to add a dash of them here or there— even in your makeup.


When it comes to Coachella, Scorpios, you’re ready to seduce and show the world you’re appeal and power. Your festival fashion always needs to go all out, so sass it up with a corset, short shorts, a grungy flannel and some combat boots for a punk rock, head-turning festival look. Your power colors are maroon and dark red, so tap into those!


Coachella speaks to your soul, because it lets you uncage your wild side! You’re always up for some adventure, mischief or controversy—take your pick—so your festival fashion will mirror that. Throw on some sheer tops and dresses with a cute hat and a smile. You’re confident and bold, which is why all other zodiac signs envy you so be sure you don’t forget your power colors, which are rich purples and deep blues—they’ll help you to vibe at your greatest level! 


When it comes to the most ambitious zodiac sign, it’s you, Capricorn. With Coachella standing up there as one of the most influential music festivals in the world, you’ll be sure to lock in your ticket to mingle with the rich and powerful! Get to that strategic networking! Grab a cute bag, and a silk bandana to make a statement with accessories. Your power colors are black, gray and dark green, so own them without second-guessing. 


Let your free spirit out! You’re the unique one, embracing the festival life in every way, shape or form! You are also one of the most social zodiac signs, so hitting up big crowds and community gatherings is a no-brainer! When it comes to festival fashion, bring back some nostalgic fashion with headpieces, headbands, flower crowns—or go totally futuristic and rock the neon or flashing lights! Your power colors are turquoise and electric blue, so embrace your vibrant side. 


Let your imaginative spirit sing, Pisces! You’re the Zen one of the crew, always ready to tap into the crowd, rock some sage or even carry your favorite crystals. Coachella lets you unleash your creative and magical side, so when it comes to festival fashion: go for some flowy, dreamy looks! Try on some colored glasses, an off-the-shoulder top and sheer floor length skirt. Add your power color, too, which is a soft sea green.