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You probably will have some regrets that one or more projects that you set out to accomplish didn’t work out to your liking but there is no point dwelling on it. Use the experience you have gained to make sure that your next project shows you still have what it takes.


You may not realize it but you have some powerful friends and if you ask them for help today they will happily fight in your corner. Act tough even if you don’t feel tough. Your rivals fear you more than you need to fear them.


Your reasoning powers may be top notch but not everyone shares your talent for practical thinking, so spell out what it is that you want from friends and colleagues and leave them and in no doubt you will expect them to deliver – and they will.


Your head may be full of dreams but you can’t expect all of them to come true, so be selective and decide which two or three of those dreams are the most worth pursuing – then go after them with every ounce of energy you possess.


What occurs today will make you want to jump for joy. So go right ahead and show the world how happy you are to be alive. On the work front especially- you can expect some wonderful news. Could be that you’re about to move up in the world.


You are more likely to impress people over the next few days if you stop pretending that you are always in control. They know how tough it can be to do your job, so be truthful about what help you might need – and you will definitely get it.


Life certainly won’t be boring in the next few days because adventurous plans will be creeping into your life starting today! If there is some faraway place you have always wanted to visit now is the time to stop dreaming and actually buy that ticket.


Now is as good a time as any to break the news to family and friends that you intend to start moving in a new direction in life. And then, you have to put your money where your mouth is and show them you mean it.


By all means get out and about and have fun today but don’t overdo it. You have to make sure your head is clear tomorrow because there are new opportunities coming your way and you don’t want to be too burnt out to miss them.


You probably have your suspicions that a friend or coworker is up to no good but unless you have evidence it would be smart to keep your thoughts to yourself. There’s always the chance you could have got the wrong end of the stick entirely.


Your outlook on life can be a bit rigid at times and that is going to cause problems over the next few days. Family matters, especially, must be approached with a great deal of sensitivity. If not, you will make matters worse.


A task you thought would be difficult will turn out to be surprisingly easy today and no doubt you will be relieved. The attitude you choose to adopt will determine whether the universe works with you or against you. So keep that in mind this