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If you have some plans that you are looking forward to… I suggest that you think about it for a little while longer. That person you planned on bringing is more than likely not going to come through for you and they will cancel at the last second. So be aware of it


The desire to make a big purchase is going to tempt you and it is just not a good idea. You aren't usually one to act on impulse, so don't do it today. Make the purchase if you really feel you need it and it isn't going to cause any major setbacks in your financial situation. That way your pleasure in the item won't be offset by guilt. 


Home might be a lonely place tonight, Geminis. You honestly probably aren’t going to be up to doing anything anyways, so a night in binge watching whatever guilty pleasure show you love is a good idea going into the weekend


Usually you're quite social, but today you will feel like nothing more than working alone. Be aware tho- your phone is probably not going to stop going off and you might get an unexpected visitor. Don't fight it. Go with the flow. And appreciate the people who are actively trying to be in your life.


You might be suffering from overload right now. This weekend you seriously need to get some rest and give your brain some time to sort through all the information you've taken in. You're probably having difficulty processing it all. So some time to yourself if definitely needed


You usually don't mind being alone. In fact, you prefer it. Tonight you're going to crave companionship though. Have an impromptu party this weekend because some fascinating conversations could take place about business and intellectual matters, as well as some deeper subjects that keep you thinking for hours or days.


This is the day to listen and observe, Libras. There is a lot to learn from what's going on around you. You might be surprised at the impact of it. Too much talk now could even set you back in some way, especially if talk is used to hide your insecurities. Keep your eyes and ears open. 


If you’re going out this weekend with friends… you might be tempted to eat and drink too much and spend too much money. Usually you have a pretty strong stomach, but this isn't the day to overindulge in partying. Go out for a little while, but then invite your friends to your house and chill out.


What's driving you today, Sagittarius? Why do you feel an obsessive need to get all your work done at once? If you're trying to impress someone, there's no need. Others already hold you in high regard. If the project you're working on is urgent, get some help. Don't try to do it all yourself unless you want to be too stressed out to accomplish anything tomorrow. Talk about counterproductive!


If you're attending a class tonight, do something frivolous for the rest of the day. Read romance novels instead of great literature. Otherwise, by the time you get to class you will already be suffering from intellectual overload and absorb very little of what you hear. Keep yourself hungry for knowledge until you get there. That way you will learn quickly and retain a lot.


The desire to stay home alone and rest tonight might conflict with a need to go out with your friends, Aquarius. You may be too stressed to put up with gossip or too much intellectual stimulation. Tell your friends you will go out with them another time. All signs indicate that this is the wisest course for now. Relax with some hot chocolate and a pile of movies.


There will be a lighthearted, almost silly energy in the air today. The Universe is encouraging you to give up your iron grip on that list of responsibilities and have some fun. Picture all the pressure you put on yourself as a ball and chain that you need to unshackle. There's no reason to take yourself so seriously all the time!