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You will be in one of those moods today when you will happily do anything for just about anyone. Just be careful you don’t get conned into using your time and energy, and money, for someone who doesn’t deserve to benefit from your generosity.


Don’t be too eager to criticize people you work or do business with today. If you have an issue with what they are doing quietly pull them to one side and let them know you expect better from them. You don’t have to make a big fuss about it.


All roads will eventually lead to where you are destined to go, so don’t be too rigid in either your thinking or the goals you set for yourself. Relax. Go with the flow. At the end of the day… it really is all about the journey… not the destination


If you believe that your talents are being taken for granted and that some people in power haven’t been ranking your efforts highly enough… then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for job satisfaction. You can’t be afraid to move on because you will just be limiting yourself.


It’s important that you make your own decisions. Let everyone know you are the sort of person who has the confidence to take risks and the courage to see what you start through to the end. It’s the actions you take that will determine your future.


Meet others halfway if there is some sort of dispute today but don’t go too far and give them the impression that you will give way under pressure. Let them know you are willing to be fair but won’t give an inch if they demand too much.


By all means spend some cash if you think it might cheer you up. Treat yourself to a good meal and some retail therapy. There are days when money must not just can’t be allowed to limit your activities and this is one of those days.


You may be powerless to stop changes you don’t understand but that may not be such a bad thing. According to the planets if you embrace what takes place this week you will find you quite enjoy it and may even be able to profit from it.


If you make an effort to help other people today they will return the favor later on when it is you who is in need of assistance. Better still, try to work it what you do for them is also good for you – then you’ll win twice.


If a friend or colleague tries to limit your options today you must leave them in no doubt at all that you have no intention of playing by their rules. The simple fact is they don’t have the power to force you to do things their way.


The more some people make it clear that they expect you to adopt a low profile today the more you will go out of your way to be seen and heard. Why should you stay in the shadows while they hog the limelight and enjoy the applause? 


If you are on the move today some very fortunate things are likely to happen. The more you get out and about the more the universe will confront you with situations that bring out the best in your nature and remind others how special you are.