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You may be prepared to work around the clock to get ahead of your rivals but don’t forget you have personal commitments too. The thought of failure won’t enter your head but spare an occasional thought for those who support and love you.


You have to strive to stay on good terms with family and friends today, even though there may have been a few harsh words thrown back and forth in recent days. Don’t seek to win every dispute or disagreement – give in on the little things now and then. You’ll be much better for it.


It may seem as if someone you are fond of has forgotten you exist but that just isn’t the case at all. The fact is they have rather a lot on their plate at the moment and need every minute just to keep ahead of the game. They’ll be back around.


You can expect some kind of good fortune to come your way over the next day. If you have been thinking about a trip away from your usual environment, the news you are about to receive will definitely confirm that now is the time to book that ticket.


You need to find out what has been going on in your social sphere and no matter how reluctant friends may be to clue you in, you gotta get a little messy and dig deep and figure out whats going on.


You will come under a lot of pressure today, most likely on the work front. Fortunately, because you are always on top of your game you always seem to have the time and space to catch your breath and work out what your next move should be.


You may regret that you allowed an opportunity to pass you by but don’t worry about it because even better opportunities are on the way. Your dreams will still come true, so act quickly and decisively when you get that second chance.


At least one of the decisions you take today is destined to have far-reaching consequences, so make sure you think deeply before taking action, especially on the work front where your efforts will not go unnoticed by people in positions of power.


Ask yourself today if you are trying too hard to live up to someone else’s expectations of who you should be? According to the planets that could be a real problem today as you will be tempted to overextend yourself. Have the courage just to be who you are.


You may be feeling a little left out of things at the moment but that will change soon. A more relaxed attitude to relationships both at home and at work will do wonders for your peace of mind. Don’t try so hard to please other people. 


You have never been the sort to settle for second best but if you want to reach the heights today you are going to have to join forces with someone who shares your ambitions. Alone you will get nowhere; together you will take over.


Something of a creative nature has the potential to develop from being just a hobby to a business that could make you some serious money in the years ahead. No, it’s not a sell-out, you are entitled to make your talents pay.