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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: Who Would Be Your Designer For The Met Gala



They are known for holding the essence of classic and cool American style, so Tom Ford definitely embodies the Aries high fashion sense. They always have chic architectural designs, and this brand’s luxury always possesses a simple, elegant appeal that will convince an Aries to make a statement. As the leader of the zodiac, Aries wants to stand out effortlessly, and always remain modern, confident and playful.



Classic, powerful and independent, the timeless beauty of Chanel sings to the Taurus spirit. Never out of style, Chanel captures the essence of eternal elegance and French luxury. Taurans, are always drawn to harmony, peace and beauty, but know that they don’t have to be the most flamboyant to wear their crown. As one of the most sophisticated and luxurious high fashion brands on Earth, Taurus will wear it with confidence. 



Always ready to be lively, adventurous and stand out from the crowd, Geminis love a little bit of drama! Gucci, perfectly defines the Gemini spirit through bright patterns and colors. Luxury and high fashion should always be vibrant when it comes to Gemini, and this dynamic brand is always original and always keeps people guessing. Shock value can and will keep the gossip going, and if there’s anything that a Gemini in Gucci will create, is a whole lot of talk.



Sensual, romantic and deeply feminine, Valentino is the perfect Met Gala pairing for a Cancer. This is because Valentino knows how to do haute couture to remain both distant, yet alluring. Like a Cancer, with a hard shell but a deeply sensitive heart, Valentino masters this elegance flawlessly. With a little bit of mystery woven into the designs and the notable “Valentino red,” a Cancer can feel protected yet mysterious. 



All eyes are on Leo, which is exactly how they like it, and the best way for one of these fiery lionesses to be seen is to don the bright colors and dramatic prints of Versace. This house of global Italian design can be dramatic, bold and loud, which is exactly how a lion likes to roar. Even the iconic Versace logo of Medusa with her wild locks mimics a Leo’s mane. Get ready for the flashing lights because this will make you stand out from the crowd.



When it comes to elevated simplicity, Virgo will be rocking Givenchy designs. Givenchy has a natural yet sensual romanticism and when it comes to this practical Earth Sign, they tend to think less is more. Virgo is all about the details and because of Givenchy’s expertly tailored creations, they’ll love the longevity of their investment. Also, by channeling a rich history of French high fashion with modern style, Givenchy brings the best of both worlds to Virgos.



When it comes to a sign that seeks balance, versatility and creativity, Libra can express themselves in iconic Prada. Ruled by Venus, planet of art and beauty, they will be drawn to the sleek and modern designs from Prada. Libra are excitable and enthusiastic, the social butterfly of the zodiac, and enjoy feeling like the jewel on the scene. 



When it comes to high fashion edge with a dark and mysterious side, Alexander McQueen echoes the Scorpio soul. Expect to see the zodiac sign of Scorpio at the Met Gala embracing these moody, hypnotic and powerful designs. Hauntingly beautiful, passionately romantic and fantastically majestic, Alexander McQueen will bring forth the inner fire every Scorpio begs to unleash.



Any Sagittarius attending the Met Gala will radiate in Christian Dior, with taste and sophistication. This French luxury brand speaks to their inner free spirit because of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius is the one with the greatest desire for freedom and spontaneity. Creativity is linked to the Sagittarius high fashion sense, which is why they love the rich history from Dior whose lux fabrics and delicate silhouettes will certainly catch their eyes.



As one of the most influential and oldest high fashion brands in the world, Louis Vuitton takes the Capricorn crown. As a zodiac sign associated with long-term legacies and glory, Louis Vuitton and the famous LV monogram easily is the Capricorn choice for Met Gala wardrobe. Always classic, forever chic and timelessly stylish, Louis Vuitton’s elegance, craftsmanship and reputation satiate the Capricorn’s hunger for elitism.



Stylish and unique, Saint Laurent will adorn any Aquarius attending the Met Gala due to their incredible need to be independent and different. Aquarius thrives when they can stand out and showcase a contrasting perspective than those around them. Saint Laurent is that sexy, rock-n-roll, mod high fashion brand, with edgy details alongside power combinations. Not only do they create fashion that makes a statement, but it absolutely leaves people stunned in their tracks. This will appease the Aquarius fashionista who loves keeping things extraordinary.



Balmain has become known for their aggressive focus on creativity and luxury expression, when it comes to creating a new attitude and reinvention. Whether going for something elaborate or dramatic, Balmain will make a Pisces’s imaginative spirit shiver. With unexpected detailing, original expression, and sexy cuts, the Pisces Met Gala attendee will enjoy being a part of the Balmain Army: opulent and modern at the exact same time.