Find Station



Some of the changes that have taken place in your environment over the past few days probably seem strange but they will make more sense as the week progresses. You’re probably going to find out that they were the start to something really exciting that’s going to happen in your life.


It is going to be ridiculously easy to persuade friends, loved ones and work colleagues to see things your way today. Whether or not your way is the best way is debatable… but you can worry about that later, no need to sweat it now.


If you want someone to do what you ask of them today you will have to back up your request with facts and figures that show it could be a good move for them as well as for you. That’s the only way they will support your plans all the way.


There may be a dozen good reasons for putting off a project you have been thinking about for more weeks than you care to remember but there is one overriding reason why you have to get it done today – this really may be the last chance you get.


Don’t let your fears get the better part of you today because if your rivals sense even a hint of self-doubt on your part… they will start circling around like hungry sharks. Act as if you are the bravest person alive, even when you are quaking in your boots. Confidence is key after all


If you are required to take on something that you suspect is going to be too much for you to handle alone… you need to swallow your pride today and ask for assistance. You cannot possibly do everything on your own and, no, that’s not a sign of weakness.


You’re going to be encouraged to do whatever it takes to impress an employer or someone in a position of power. Don’t hesitate to step forward if they ask for some help to take on more responsibility. This is your chance to shine.


If you believe that someone has been keeping things from you then today is the day to confront them about it. It’s definitely likely they have been looking for a way to tell you anyway, so you’ll be making it easier for them.


Anyone who is hoping you might soften your stance over an issue you feel strongly about is going to be really disappointed today. You know from long experience that if you drop your standards, even a little bit, those who take an inch will take a mile.


Today is the day to join forces with someone who shares your ambitions. Of course, you will have to share the what your future plans are but that’s better than fighting each other and ending up with nothing.


Remind someone today that you are not their servant. It’s cool to be helpful and all… but when it gets to the point where they think that the only reason you exist is to help them… a line has to be drawn. Draw it thick and draw it now.


You are going to find that confidence to make those changes you have been dreaming of for a very long time today– and once you get started on them you’re definitely going to see it all the way through.