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Darth Vader

Strong. Bold. Impulsive. Once an Aries’ mind is made up, there is no changing it. Like Darth Vader himself- these Fire signs know great love and even though they may stray from their path at times, they always seek redemption in the end. 


Luke Skywalker

There is no doubt Luke Skywalker mirrors a Taurus. He started off on a farm in a galaxy far, far away and then went on a journey that made him a legend. He is loyal and trustworthy to those around him and will fight against the dark side of the Force at all cost. He has immense stamina, perseverance, and integrity, just like a Taurus.



Like Chewbacca, all Geminis are the fan-favorites of whatever posse they find themselves in. However, when Geminis find their Han Solo, they are bffs with them till the end of time. Though they are the life of the party, they know how to switch hats and tackle any obstacle head first. 


Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan’s wise and caring nature allowed Luke to flourish and realize his full potential. Cancers have this innate ability to bring the best out in those around them, and are often old souls 


Rey Skywalker

Driven and passionate, Rey represents the next generation of Jedi who will not only usher in a golden era, but rewrite history. Well-behaved Leos rarely make history, and that is because they, like Rey, are game changers. Rey’s courage and integrity grant her even more alignment with Leo energy.



R2-D2, like all Virgos, is the perfect friend who delivers the straight up tea and are loyal. If you’re going to send a distress call across the galaxy, you want to make sure a Virgo is the one delivering the message! R2-D2 has a quirky sense of humor, just like Virgos do.


Princess Leia

Fiercely independent and a natural born leader, Princess Leia will stop at nothing to ensure order is restored to the galaxy. Armed with an unmatched wit, Princess Leia’s dedication to the Rebellion matches Libra’s tenacious nature that values justice over tyranny. They are also deeply loyal and romantic underneath it all.


Emperor Palpatine

Enigmatic and motivated, Emperor Palpatine stopped at nothing to achieve his vision of The Empire. Not even death could stop his perseverance, and his tongue had the ability to make everyone around him second guess their thoughts. The moral of this story? Don’t get on the darkside of a Scorpio! His ambition and ruthlessness mirrors a Scorpio who is out to conquer the world.


Han Solo

Like all good Sagittarians, Han Solo is easy on the eyes. A wayfarer traveling the galaxy, both Han and Sagittarians are Fire signs that are always in search of adventure and living in the moment. However, when push comes to shove, they drop what they are doing to protect their chosen family. Han also embodies a genuine sense of humor and can be quite impulsive, just like Sagittarius.



The world let out an audible gasp when Baby Yoda was revealed at the end of The Mandalorian’s first episode. Like Yoda, Grogu is wise beyond his years and offers lessons to those who are willing to receive them. It’s no wonder we see both Yoda and Grogu as Capricorns because they represent all the good in the universe. Their immense sense of wisdom is respected by nearly everyone.


Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren initially sought out to carry on his familial mantle but eventually came into his own. This is emblematic of Aquarius’ energy, which is self-reliant and radiant, constantly seeking to improve themselves. They have a rebellious edge that can help them to set themselves apart.


Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka is a fearless Jedi who not only embraces her power but owns it fully. Pisces are often seen as dreamers, but they are warriors first and foremost, and will stop at nothing to protect their dreams as they pursue what is within their hearts.