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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: Which Super Villian Are You?


Terminator, “The Terminator”

Aries represents the warrior archetype and Terminator is Hunter-Killer who shoots anyone that gets in the way of his objective. Aries can be relentless in pursuit of an objective, they also look great in black leather and give approximately zero cares about anything. 


Gollum , “The Lord of the Rings”

Taurus is the sign of tangibility and possessions. In a Taurans true form- they can be greedy, have fixed thinking and are emotional hoarders. Gollum embodies the mysteriousness of a Taurus


Freddy Kruger, “Nightmare on Elm Street”

Gemini is symbolized by the twins and the two sided archetype easily lends itself to stripe wearing, double talking and double lives, super creep Freddy Kruger who managed for a time to be both a killer of children and a father to one. Compared to other “strong, silent, stalking” type 80’s murder villains, Kruger is a verifiable chatterbox. Geminis live in the proverbial gray area and often struggle to distinguish fantasy from reality.x


Nurse Ratched , “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”

Cancers, with their access to the feminine, empathy and deep understanding of need are the caretakers of the zodiac. At its highest expression this makes them true people of healing but when that care goes rancid and the need to feel needed transfigures itself into a dark love of control… is when you turn into Nurse Ratched


The Joker, “Batman”

The Joker, in all his painted face and chaos embodies the underbelly of a leo and the perversion of play. In true Leo form, he does nothing on a small scale or without an audience. 


Anton Chigurh , “No Country For Old Men”

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind and the sign lords over the sixth house of work and daily efforts. Anton is extremely intelligent and very, very good at being a hit man. Ruthless. absolutely. Impulsive. Never. True to the mutable nature of his sign he comes correct with calm, cool strategy and is quick to improvise and adapt just like your average virgo. 


Darth Vader, “Star Wars”

Libra is represented by the scales and balances and their solar quest symbolizes the eternal search for equanimity. In kind, Darth Vader was prophesied to be the chosen Jedi who would bring balance to the Force. Unfortunately, the scales tipped in a different direction and instead brought us a sharp dressed, mouth breathing, death dealing style icon and the most popular villain in cinematic history. 


Eric Killmonger, “Black Panther”

Manipulative and mistrustful, sexy in a very tortured way and driven by revenge, Killmonger, personifies many of the tell tale traits of the Scorpio archetype. Scorpio is associated with the eighth house of, death and regeneration and natives are notoriously single minded and ruthless in pursuit of their desires.


Jigsaw, “Saw”

Ever the optimistic Sagatarians view life as a gamble and aim to make the very best of any hand they are dealt or setback they are up against with. Our galvanizing, gravel voiced Jigsaw, facing his own mortality seeks to teach others how to be full present in and protective of the one and only life they have to live. Sagittarians are like Jigsaw because of the extreme methods of life they have to ultimately seek to bring humans closer to themselves and the lives they are meant to lead.


Lord Voldemort, “Harry Potter”

Voldemort is a December baby making the dark lord a true Capricorn. Capricorns tend to get a rough shake in the childhood department and are forced into adult roles a little bit sooner than others. Bound by ambition, to be the best and claw their way to the top at all costs, Capricorns use setbacks, underestimation, and revenge fantasies as a kind of accelerant for achievement and advancement just like Voldemort.


Hannibal Lecter, “The Silence of the Lambs”

Hannibal Lecter celebrates his birthday on January 20, 1933, making our favorite cannibal an Aquarius. Aquarians have high hopes for humanity and wild theories on how best to move our people forward, in Lecter’s case, that equates to eradicating evil by eating it. Lecter is many things, a brilliant manipulator, a linguist, a cannibal and a keen dealer of one liners but like most Aquarians the one thing he refuses to be is ordinary.


Thanos, “Avengers: Infinity War”

Pisces swing wildly between bleeding heart and broken nihilist, just like a hypersensitive super villain/foster father with the gold hands and serious jawline… Thanos. Pisces are big on escape and as Thanos maintains, “Reality is often disappointing. Now, reality can be whatever I want,” spoken like a true, and truly unhinged Pisces.