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It’s looking like you might find yourself on an airplane soon! You have definitely been feeling some serious wanderlust lately, and probably some frustration with the same old routine you’ve had. Be open to any interesting invitations that come your way today. If a friend invites you for a night out … just go! You're going to have the best time, and you honestly need it


Don't be surprised if you find a big, fat check waiting for you in the next few days. Don't question your good fortune - just accept it with charm and grace. Take full advantage of the generosity of the Universe. 


You can expect to reap the benefits from recent training or studies. You've made a huge leap in ability, especially when it comes to technology. You can expect a promotion or raise because it’s the least your boss can do to reward you for all your hard work. 


You’re probably going to receive some important information today and it’s probably going to have a dramatic ripple effect on your life. You might even have to change jobs or even move to a different part of the country, as a result of the information you receive. I get you will be nervous about making such dramatic changes to your life… but trust that they're for the better. 


If you have no significant other… That is going to change soon. If you're in a committed relationship, you can expect to renew your bond. You’ll definitely feel closer to each other than ever. Celebrate your good fortune in finding each other.


You have a persuasive nature, Virgo. Be aware that you don't come on too strong today. By all means, spread the word, but let others come to you if they're interested. You tend to beat people over the head about doing the "right" thing. Don't pressure anyone. If just a few people help, at least they are people that actually want to be there.


Your day is definitely going to have you on your toes. You might get an unexpected raise that seemed to have manifested out of the blue. Your life could change dramatically with this kinda pay day so hold on for what is bound to be a wild ride!


In spite of any feelings to the contrary, Scorpio, you're bound to be successful. If you’re in a group project… it is probably going to require a lot of time and effort. All indications are that it will pay off shortly. Continue to work those long hours, even if it means staying up all night. In a few months, you will catch up on sleep and be rolling in money.


You’re going to feel energetic and optimistic today, Sagittarius. You can do anything you set your mind to! This positive outlook is a refreshing change from the usual pessimism and it's definitely easier to go through life happy. People pretty much choose whether or not they're going to be happy so kudos to you for making the right choice. 


You’re probably not going to want to leave the house today! You may not feel very social and prefer to spend time alone. Thinking about old memories with a new perspective may clear up some things. With the wisdom and experience you've gained over the years, certain past issues may now finally make sense.


Don't be surprised if you bump into an old friend or colleague today. This encounter could have a dramatic ripple effect on you as you reflect on your life and analyze how far you've come. You may realize you aren't entirely pleased with your direction and our friend may point out that there are many paths to happiness. It’s time to choose another one.


Today is your lucky day, Pisces. This is just what you've been needing for to elevate your lifestyle. Don't go nuts. Invest the money wisely and it will keep you rolling in dough. Spend it all at once and you won't have much to show for it in a few years.