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Even though you may be beaming with confidence at the moment… a negative comment from a friend or loved one could still knock you off your stride. You may look super confident on the outside but those inner doubts need to be dealt with today. It’s definitely time to look in the mirror


If you fear the worst today then you’re going to increase the chances of the worst actually happening. Your mind is a powerful tool and needs to be under your conscious control at all times, so focus on positive thoughts and at least pretend you believe them.


In the greater scheme of things you’re doing well, even though a number of minor setbacks may be concerning you. What looks like bad news today will look like good news come the end of the week.


Put your own needs first today and don’t worry that some of your friends and relatives may not be getting their fair share. You can’t know what the whole story is, so trust that the universe will take care of their needs in the fullness of time.


If something doesn’t go well on the work front today it’s probably because you are expecting too much of yourself, and most likely of other people too. Instead of coming up with one big plan try breaking it up into smaller, more achievable, parts.


You are in no mood to be messed– you know what you want and you know how to get it and if anyone gets in your way… it’s going to be a big problem.. You’re an irresistible force- especially today.


If something doesn’t feel right today you can’t ignore it. Make it your business to find out what is going on and then, if necessary, take steps to protect yourself. Most importantly, stay out of the way of people who feed off negativity.


You have to be totally and completely honest with yourself about the state of a relationship. It has now reached the stage where you can no longer pretend that everything is sunshine and rainbows. Either improve it or end it and move on.


You may not be able to explain why you don’t trust someone but deep down you know they don’t have your best interest at heart, so keep them at arm’s length as long as you can. Your instincts are going to be spot-on today.


You may find it hard to take some people seriously today, especially those who seem to believe that the whole world is against them. Being such a practical person you know that good fortune is not external but something you create for yourself.


You have enough commitments to deal with as it is and you just need to say “no” if anyone asks you to take on more today. It may be hard to turn friends and loved ones away but this is one of those occasions where you need to be a little tough.


You’ll probably get what you want today but you might also make an enemy of someone who doesn’t like to be in your shadow. The good news is your star will be burning so brightly that you probably won’t notice they’re not happy with you