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You may be a little eager to get moving and get things done but you will have to sit tight for a bit. Between now and then make sure the plans you make are both ambitious and attainable.


Say what you feel you have to say even though you know it will cause a few waves. If you are annoyed by what’s gone wrong as of late you have to let everyone know you won’t rest until you find out why. And then once you figure it out you need to make it right.


Don’t let other people put the blame on you for their own mistakes. You may be a nice guy by nature but being a nice guy does not mean you have to be the fall guy as well. Watch out for people who like to play the victim today


You are the type to want to forgive and forget but I’m warning you if you do it… it could make you look weak. If others admit they were at fault then by all means offer them an olive branch, but don’t just let them get away with it.


The message of the stars today is that you need to use that big brain of yours to find out what’s behind recent troubles on the work front. Don’t listen to just one side of the story, make sure everyone airs an opinion.


News from afar will put a spring in your step over the next day. The fact that someone you are fond of has gone to the trouble to contact you is a sure sign you are back in their good books. Make sure you stay there this time!


The message of the stars today is that you can’t be too tough on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, even a Libra, and there is no shame in admitting that you got something wrong. Just make sure you learn from it.


You don’t care that some of your ideas are controversial, you care only that they are taken seriously. Other people may not agree with what you tell them today but if they have any sense they will listen and learn. You won’t be repeating yourself.


As a you know how to adapt and if something doesn’t work out one way today… you will happily find another way to get what it is that you want. A change of method, or even a change of scene, will work wonders for you.


Your rivals are not as smart as they think they are and you will find it quite easy to get one over on them today. Your creative and artistic abilities are at an all time high, so don’t be afraid to go your own way and do your own thing.


Don’t be surprised if a friend or loved one gets a little bit emotional today. Do what you can to cheer them up but don’t put yourself out to such an extent that you get nothing done for yourself. Most likely they are just looking for attention.


The more others say you have to change your ideas to conform with mainstream opinions… the more you have to continue to think for yourself. Just because there is a “consensus” viewpoint does not mean it is right – in fact it probably is very wrong.