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If you have not yet made your mark on the world to the extent that you had hoped, don’t freak out yet. There is still plenty of time to get your act together and show off the talents you were born with. Forget about yesterday or any other day before and focus on today.


Things are going to be changing in your favor and before the week is done you will have accomplished something that you never in your wildest dreams thought was possible. Jupiter’s move into your sign is a promise of success on every possible level. So that’s definitely something to look forward to this week


Make it your business to bring a friend or relative up to speed on what has been going on with you over the past few weeks. You have been a little off the grid and the people you care about are worried. You don’t want your friends and fam to feel like you are deliberately ignoring them so pick up your phone and make that call today. 


If you allow yourself to think about the consequences of what you are doing it’s unlikely you will make a good job of it… so shut off your mind to negative thoughts and outside influences and follow your instincts wherever they want to lead you.


It’s not like Leos to waste time looking for approval so I just want to know why we think we have to do it right now. Whatever the reason is… we need to get past it and do what has to be done. We are under no obligation to account for your actions to anyone.


It’s not like you to get emotional but what happens today could bring a few tears to your eyes. The good news is it’s more likely to be a happy tear than a sad tear so if you get the chance to help others feel good about themselves today… definitely act on it. 


It would be easy to blame other people for making life difficult for you but if you are honest you will readily admit that it was your own actions that took you down the wrong path. There’s still time to go back and take a better one.


Don’t worry if you find it hard to decide what to do next because the signs are indicating that you can safely leave everyday decisions to other people. Where you do need to be decisive though is in situations of the heart. Don’t forget to let people know you love them. 


If someone you live or work with makes a serious mistake today don’t get angry about it. Be positive and recognize that it is an honest mistake and easily corrected if you work together to put things right. You’re still on the same side… don’t forget about that


If you stay calm and carry on this week there is every chance you will accomplish something that your rivals seriously doubted you about. You will definitely feel inspired to aim higher than ever before today


If you fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other people you will inevitably make yourself unhappy, so ignore what friends and colleagues are doing and follow your own path. You are unique and are destined to do remarkable things. Don’t forget about it 


It’s time to get moving again. It’s time to focus on your number one goal and keep at it until it is done. As Mercury moves in your favor today your mind will move with lightning speed, making it easy to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition.