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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: Luckiest Day In August!

Aries – 

Luckiest Day: August 29th

You’re going to find that this day will be bringing you a very important realization that will forever change your life. There is going to be an extremely powerful energy that will lead you towards success.


Luckiest Day: August 19th

This day is going to be the start of a time of being able to remove obstacles from your path so that you can focus more on what you want to create. So basically this means that you will feel a desire to be your true self and operate from a place of your heart and the world around you.

Gemini – 

Luckiest Day: August 20th 

In regards to anything that you have wanted to create or begin, Mars entering your sign this month means that you’re going to get the green light to do so. Don’t be afraid to take risks or go all in on a project or relationship because you will be fully supported and fueled by the universe. 

Cancer –  

Luckiest Day: August 11th

You’re going to get the chance to get to a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and with those around you. It’s a good time for some self-care and reflection of your own yourself, remembering that you deserve to put your care and well-being as a top priority as well.

 Leo – 

Luckiest Day: August 11th

You are about to have the best month during your zodiac season with opportunities in life and with finances. Make sure that you get in touch with your self-worth and take advantage of the opportunities that this will bring into your life. 

Virgo – 

Luckiest Day: August 4th

Not only will you be able to think and speak more clearly starting on this day but other people will also be able to understand you to a deeper degree which will allow you to bring more growth into your life. Details will be important, just as they always are, but you will also be able to see the bigger picture as well. 

Libra – 

Luckiest Day: August 25th

This day will allow you to feel like suddenly everyone is able to speak your language but remember that balance will be key. Make sure that you take time to be open to compromise and get a better understanding from people. You can learn something from listening as much as you do from speaking.

Scorpio – 

Luckiest Day: August 5th 

Your lucky day is going to give you the opportunity to be able to get a deeper level of motivation towards your wants and dreams. Just make sure that you don’t allow yourself to doubt what you already know is your truth. 

Sagittarius – 

Luckiest Day: August 11th

You’re going to be able to clearly communicate on important issues on this day giving you a chance to hear and be heard. So when you speak openly and clearly about what is important and what matters most to you, you’re then able to step into the power of the present moment so that you get to decide what comes next. 

Capricorn – 

Luckiest Day: August 25th

Towards the end of the month you are going to see some positive changes to your career. Be aware of how you are communicating your ideas and thoughts to your coworkers and that you’re also not underselling yourself. 

Aquarius – 

August 10th

It’s time to step into the newness that you have been wanting to create, both within your external life and even in how you view the world around you. Choose happiness and make sure that you aren’t continuing to choose to suffer because you’re afraid of leaving things behind. 

Pisces – 

Luckiest Day: August 24th 

Get excited because you’re going to settle into what has recently transpired in your life. Allow yourself to tune into what matters most and choose rest above exhaustion.