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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: What Kind Of Friend Are You Based Off Your Sign

Aries – The Motivational Friend

You're your friends' biggest fan and you'll go to great lengths to make sure they know it. When you're in the audience supporting them, you're cheering them on louder than everyone else combined. When they're going through a hard time, your positive energy always gives them the push they need to keep on going.

Taurus- The Loyal Friend

You're the rock in your friends' lives and they know you'll never go anywhere, no matter how difficult life gets. You never break your promises and you're always defending their names when they're not around. You're the type of friend who brags about being someone's friend.

Gemini – The Funny Friend

Whenever you're around, your friends are laughing uncontrollably. You have such a fun perspective of life, and your friends can always rely on you for a good time. You’re always available for a long conversation and a damn good pep talk.

Cancer – The Compassionate Friend

You're the type of friend who never fails to make others feel loved and cared for. You'd remind your people of all the amazing qualities they have all day long if you had to because you want them to feel powerful in your presence. Whenever they're going through a painful experience, you're always the shoulder to cry on.

 Leo – The Generous Friend

You'd share everything you've got with your friends and then some. Being able to give them gifts, opportunities, and love makes you feel the happiest. You'll take your friends under your wing, introduce them to amazing people, and bring them to all the best parties. 

Virgo – The Problem-Solving Friend

You're the type of friend who would help your friends through their hardships in a very practical way. If they need help applying for jobs, you'll rewrite their resumés for free. If they need someone to help paint their bedroom walls, you'll be there in an instant. Nothing makes you happier than making their lives easier.

Libra – The Socialite Friend

You're the type of friend who's always down for real conversations in which you discover deeper meanings about life. You're incredibly fascinating to be around and you're always the person who introduces your friends to each other. You're a harmonizing and connecting force.

Scorpio – The Ride-Or-Die Friend

Your commitment to your friends is so deep and intense, it brings up emotions in all of you. You have this way of conjuring "friendship at first sight," as if you were destined to find each other. There's nothing you wouldn't do for your friends. If someone is their enemy, they're your enemy, too.

Sagittarius – The Adventurous Friend

Your friends can always rely on you for a wild night. You're down for anything, no matter how out of this world or ridiculous the plans might sound. You help your friends climb out of their comfort zones so they can try new things. Memories made with you are memories forever.

Capricorn – The Inspirational Friend

You're deeply committed to your friendships, so if you decide to let someone in your life, you're in it for the long haul. You take everything seriously and your friendships are no different. You also have an ambitious mindset and you're always inspiring your friends to follow their dreams.

Aquarius – The Eccentric Friend

You're the type of friend who's unlike any other friend someone may have. You march to the beat of your own drum and you're always going against the grain. Being around you inspires your friends to be true to themselves and remain unafraid of standing out in a crowd. 

Pisces – The Intuitive Friend

You know your friends on a deeper level than any of their other friends. This is because of your natural ability to understand where someone is coming from. No matter what, your friends can trust you to open up about how they're feeling and know you won't judge them for it.