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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: What You Should Do This Summer

Aries – 

Grab all of your favorite snacks, and invite your friends over for the night in you’ve been waiting for for months. Movie night, game night, whatever floats your boat


It’s time to get out of the house and go on a date. It could be a date with your boo or a best friend date. Whatever it is… you need some good one on one time with someones company you enjoy. 

Gemini – 

This doesn’t have to be a cross-country trip. But heading out of town is a good way to get your travel fix in. Hop in the car and go somewhere new. Geminis loves to travel and change up their surroundings, so make sure to take lots of pics.

Cancer –  

Get all of your things, and head to the park (or your front or back yard). Whether you go alone or bring some friends, you should spend the weekend under the sun. It will make you forget about boozy brunch for a little and get grounded. 


We love Leos, we really do, but they have a tendency to be a little self-centered. But this weekend, use your time to get in a good conversation with one of your best friends or your favorite family member. Don’t just go into the usual—really ask how they are and support them in whatever ways they’re needing it. 


Virgos like to be busy, and when summer rolls around, their to-do list becomes a mile long. Instead of tackling all of that, give yourself some time to rest this weekend. Whether that means taking a nap (and not feeling bad about it) or laying out by the pool and doing nothing else or watching a new show on Netflix. 

Libra – 

It time for you to switch things up when it comes to the scenery in your home. Get all of the storage bins out because you should spend the weekend decorating your house for all of the summer fun. Here’s your excuse to go to hobby lobby and not even look at the price tags. 

Scorpio – 

This weekend, you should get up early to catch the sunrise, which feels totally different during the summer than it does any other time of the year. And by this i mean… as soon as that sun comes up… make your way down because it is HOT outside

Sagittarius – 

It’s time to pull out that cocktail book your mom gave you for christmas a few years ago. Invite some friends over and get a little tipsy and lay out by the pool. 

Capricorn – 

Capricorn’s are creatures of habit, so getting them to branch out from that habit is pretty difficult. This weekend, go and see a movie you’ve never seen before. So if you haven’t seen Barbie or … ya need to get on it! 

Aquarius – Feel free to let your inner child loose this weekend. Ice cream is the treat of summer, so go to one of those old school ice cream parlors or one of those ice cream shops that have all the weird flavors. 

Pisces –

You’re probably expecting me to say something about being creative, but it’s time to switch things up. Get up early and take a walk. Get your steps in early and enjoy the nature for a little bit.