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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: How To Celebrate Your Birthday!


OMG, please go out on the town clubbing for your party. Summer is here, and you can finally break out the mini skirts again. You want to be seen, so let your friends help you honor that by having a wild night out.


A fancy cocktail party is going to be your speed. You are someone who absolutely loves looking and feeling the finer things in life, so live your best one by mixing the classiest drinks around. Make sure to invite all the friends you know will lift you up — but knowing you and your selectivity, that won't be a problem.


Since it'll be warmer and close to the summer, go on a boat trip. It's exciting enough to get you pumped for the upcoming year. Plus, there could be so many moments where teamwork is going to be key


A throwback party might be your speed. You're a nostalgia lover, and the only way to keep from being crabby is to value the past and how far you (or the world) has come since the last few decades. Playing those '90s hits might inspire a dance party and you'll love it all either way.


A pool party is the perfect way to chill out. It’s hot outside, so celebrate it by splashing around! Invite your crush, invite your bestie, invite your frenemy — everyone should come and see you working the crowd, Leo.


A backyard barbecue is a chance to enjoy the summer day and post-Labor Day slump. It's also a chance for you to feel productive (grilling is not easy!) and also feed your crew. Food is always the best way to win people over, and you know that they'll be around for the cleanup in this case too (right??).


Go to a winery. It's the right vibe for you balance and harmony-loving scales people, and your ruling planet Venus was certainly a woman of the gardens. Drink some of the earth's nectar (ya know, wine) and revel in how it's your birthday and you will do what you want to!!


A murder mystery party is enthralling. Guessing the mystery of who dun' it is the perfect way to keep your guests on their toes. Moderating this sort of game would be an absolute riot for you, and seeing everyone get on edge is even better. Treat yourself with this type of game for your birthday.


A college-themed party. OK, so what if you might have outgrown freshman year? It's always nice to get some people together for good old Solo cup-ridden fun. Just be mindful of the neighbors by keeping the party size small and imbibing more responsibly than you and your crew may have done in the actual collegiate days.


A classy night out wine tasting at the fanciest bars in town. You like a buffet of choices for drinks, and a wine tasting is the best way to sample stuff without committing. Once you're in, you're all the way in, but until then people (and drinks) must prove themselves to a Cappy like you. A party where people get to commiserate in your indecision sounds fantastic!


A cabin getaway or camping trip fits your definition of a good time. Similar to Gemini, you thrive off friendships (all that activity in the 11th house, after all!) and the chance to be unplugged wholly appeals to you because you are always plugged in. Try pushing for that sort of wild getaway this year. You may end up getting it after all.


With your dreamy tendencies, you'd do well with an old-school sleepover night. Whether it's movies, painting each other's nails, sharing life's struggles, or playing board games, you'll want to maximize intimacy and bonding. Wine (or some nice margs mix?) totally makes it better.