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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: What Kind Of Competator Are You?


Out of all the zodiac signs, Aries is by far the most competitive. It’s in their nature to be number one and to let everyone know that. Their strategy is typically to strike first and end their competitors as quickly as possible. 


Taurans aren’t highly competitive by nature, at least not in an upfront or direct fashion. They probably won’t be the fastest or the most clever but they have a lot of tenacity and patience to outlast their competitors. Taurus competitors can go the distance and achieve a lot just by being too stubborn to quit. 


The Gemini competitor is someone who can be very strategic in their approach to competition. Geminis have an advantage when it comes to playing psychological games and getting in their opponents heads. 


For the Cancer competitor, planning is everything. Cancers tend to not make the first move. They prefer to wait and observe their opponent and form a strategy around what they can get. Cancers can be naive but they are not gullible. They almost always have their guard up and are more immune to the mind games and psychological trickery that others might play. 


The Leo competitor can be fierce just like the king of the jungle. Leos can bring a lot of showmanship, flair and charisma when they are supremely confident in their abilities. Their downfall though, can be overconfidence and a penchant for underestimating their opponents.


The Virgo competitor is someone who avoids tooting their own horn or taunting their opponents. They focus on perfecting themselves and their techniques for victory. Their work ethic can be different than what you would think but it is honestly their secret ingredient to their ability to overcome and win. 


Libras are not the most competitive type of people. They might appear confident and self assured on the surface, but that comes with self doubt and uncertainty in themselves. Competition can create a bit of discomfort within them where they feel as though they must betray their personal values and nice image in order to win. 


The Scorpio competitor is someone who can be exceedingly dangerous and cutthroat. Scorpios can be highly deceptive and ruthless especially where bad blood and jealousy is involved. They sometimes resort to extreme measures up to and including actions that are unethical. 


As a competitor, Sagittarians can be a handful. Their approach is often energetic and they are willing to improvise and experiment with a wide variety of tactics based around some principle or theory of theirs. They can be cocky about their ability to adapt and overcome things and credit most of it to some philosophy or system or strategy that they either learned or developed themselves. 


When it comes to competition, Capricorns are extremely calculated. They are highly strategic and defense minded. They are keen on leveraging whatever logistical advantage they can get their hands on. There is nothing impulsive about their approach. 


The Aquarius competitor is most dangerous when there is a strong degree of conviction and personal mission behind their motivations. They can be difficult to strategize against because they can be very inventive and counterintuitive in their approach. Their advantage lies in their ability to throw opponents off balance and keep them guessing as to what they will do next.


Pisces people are not perceived as super competitive but they can use that to their advantage. Deception is their strongest tool and they can often pretend to surrender or play dumb while planning your downfall. Underestimating and letting your guard down around them can be a big mistake.