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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: What Type of Coworker Are You?

Aries – 

Aries workers tend to respect (and want to be like) the boss. So if you need to get something done, involve the boss’s wishes and perspective when communicating with your Aries work friend. They want to learn and progress, so connecting their tasks with “the big picture” helps.


Be straight up with your Taurus coworker and they’ll be straight up with you. Honestly, they expect nothing less, so don’t mess it up! They value stability and loyalty, so demonstrate those qualities when working with them, and they’ll (slowly) start to trust you.

Gemini – 

If your colleague is a Gemini, they want to see speedy action and returns on their (usually fun) ideas. Show them the red tape, and they’ll consider you a party pooper and quickly tune you out.

Cancer –  

Security is a priority for your Cancer office buddies. That means steady income, no sudden changes, and a clear list of priorities for them to accomplish. They make seem fragile, but they’ll respond calmly to conflict—considering it a kind of enjoyable form of responsibility. 


Recognition is the name of Leo’s work game. They want to feel seen (and publicly praised) for the work they put in. Throw them a genuine compliment on their work ethic or achievements, and their inner softie will come out. 


Virgos desk buddies are a conundrum in that they sincerely want to help serve the people around them and their company, but they also secretly think they know best. Give them the chance to improve things and honestly analyze stuff. 

Libra – 

Libras get to shine when it comes to perspective. If you want to get the best out of your Libra coworker, ask them their opinion on office issues. They’ll always be fair. They’ll also always expect you to be fair, so make sure you’re transparent and never gossipy. 

Scorpio – 

Like them or not, you’re dealing with a BS detector. Your Scorpio colleague has your number, so it’s way better to keep them on side, than off. Let them know you value their commitment and self-determination (and mean it).

Sagittarius – 

If office culture had a love language, Sag’s would be words of affection. They want to know that you know they’re the heart and soul of your team. They may promise you things that they can’t always deliver, but their enthusiasm is unrivaled. 

Capricorn – 

If you want to work smoothly with your Cappy coworker, just use your common sense, like they do. They work incredibly hard. Not for the glory, but because that’s just what you do. So show them you’re aligned, and you’ll have their respect. 

Aquarius – 

Need advice on the big picture? Aquarius will be stoked you came to them. Your most eccentric and generous coworker is easiest to work with when they’re asked to innovate, come up with unique ideas, or direct a group.

Pisces – 

You may have no idea how and when Pisces gets the job done, but they always do. Don’t micromanage them, even if it seems like they mostly day dream—they’re thinking! Using their imagination is an important part of work satisfaction for your fishy coworker, so indulge them and they’ll rise to the occasion.