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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: Which JoBros Song Are You?

Aries – "A Little Bit Longer"

Aries is courageous, headstrong, and optimistic. Just like "A Little Bit Longer," they look for the good out of any situation, no matter how bad it may seem in the moment

Taurus- "When You Look Me in the Eyes"

Taurus are physically affectionate, devoted, and reliable to the people they love. They always make sure their partner feels loved and cared for, which is what "When You Look Me In the Eyes" is all about.

Gemini – Paranoid

Geminis are curious and tend to overanalyze any situation they're in. This can lead to a lot of overthinking and stress, which is why "Paranoid" is the perfect JoBro song for them.

Cancer – Still in Love With You

Cancers find it difficult to let go of things close to their hearts, so it may be difficult for them to move on from a relationship. "Still in Love With You" is the way Cancers may feel if they're hung up on someone.

Leo Burnin' Up

Leos love to be peoples' main focus and their confidence is noticeable to anyone that crosses their path. The Jonas Brothers describe someone that's the center of their attention in "Burnin' Up," which is exactly what a Leo would hope to be.

Virgo Just Friends

Virgos are easygoing when it comes to love. They enjoy the simple things in life and go with the flow in their relationships. "Just Friends" describes the natural process of turning a friendship into love, which is not unlikely for a Virgo to experience.

Libra – Lovebug

Libras love the idea of being in love, which can lead to them falling head over heels in just a short amount of time. "Lovebug" highlights the way love can make you feel when you fall hard.

Scorpio – BB Good

Scorpios don't tend to trust easily and always make sure they know what others want from them. "BB Good" highlights what's needed between two people who are into each other, which is what a Scorpio would do before they dove into a relationship.

Sagittarius – Keep it Real

Sagittarians tend to be very honest and blunt, meaning that they're always willing to tell the truth, no matter if it causes discomfort. They always make sure to keep it real, no matter what.

Capricorn – Sucker

Capricorns tend to take a while to open up, but once they do, they fall hard for their partner. They hold their relationships very close to them, and tend to think of people close to them as family. "Sucker" is a perfect match for a Cap.

Aquarius – That's Just The Way We Roll

Aquarius' tend to be mysterious and free-spirited. They value freedom and think it's necessary to be yourself, which is just what "That's Just The Way We Roll" is about.

Pisces – S.O.S.

Because Pisces are so understanding and forgiving, sometimes they can become overly-trusting. They need to recognize when they're being treated badly and stand up for themselves when it's needed. "S.O.S." is the perfect anthem for any Pisces that feels under-appreciated.