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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: What Type of Humor Do You Have?

Aries – Quick One-Liners That Can Be A Little on The Crass Side

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it is a fire sign that is all about being quick. Allthis means that Aries have a sense of humor that may be somewhat on the crass side due to their fiery nature. They also find one-liners to be funny and they time it well. That even includes the ones that may be considered corny.

Taurus- They Find Humor That Involves Their Indulgent Side

Many Taureans tend to be indulgent because lets be honest, they shop too much and are total foodies and will spend big bucks on the most trending snack. They know this and are able to laugh at themselves.

Gemini – Anything Goes Depending on The Mood

Geminis represent versatility and communication. They are not predictable and that also goes for their sense of humor. They may find dark humor funny at one time and may not appreciate it at another time and prefer to go for laid back and corny humor. It really depends on the day and on their mood.

Cancer – Light-Hearted Humor

Cancers can be our sensitive sallys and that is why their sense of humor is very light-hearted which may seem silly to everyone else.They are highly emotional and don’t appreciate humor the same way as an Aries or even a Gemini would.

Leo Stand Up Comedy

Leo is a fire sign that represents playfulness, fun, youthfulness, and being in the spotlight. And if you guessed that stand-up comedy is Leo’s style, then you are right. Nothing makes a Leo laugh more than any stand-up comedian’s jokes, also every leo thinks they are the funniest person in the room 

Virgo Any Small Detail They Notice That They Find Odd

Virgo’s tend to be over-analyzers. So a virgo’s sense of humor definitely has it’s own style because they are the types to point out the oddest details about things, and they will find humor in it and not let you live it down.

Libra –Light-Hearted Humor Which They Take Advantage of to Diffuse Difficult Situations

Libra’s tend to stick to the light-hearted humor which is definitely G-rated. But they will take advantage of it and use this to their advantage when things get awkward and tense. They are the one’s to make people laugh when they might feel like popping off on someone. 

Scorpio – Dark and Snarky

The typical Scorpio may not show any sense of humor that they have to people they don’t know. But once they let you into their lives, you will see that the Scorpio enjoys humor that may be considered dark and even snarky. 

Sagittarius – They Find Humor in Anything Even if it Is Not Appropriate

Sagittarius is our wild child so it’s not a surprise that our Sag’s find humor in just about anything and everything. They throw their head back laughing – just like its opposite sign, Gemini.

Capricorn –Dry Humor

Capricorns are not about fun and as you can imagine, the humor that is associated with Capricorn is dry. Pure dry humor that they would be the only ones to appreciate.

Aquarius – Eccentric Style of Humor

Aquarius tend to fall towards the type of humor that may be considered strange and eccentric to others. But, they understand and appreciate it because they are highly creative and intuitive. That means they would understand and love a joke that may be obscure to others. 

Pisces – Intellectual Jokes That Often Goes Over People’s Heads

Pisces are always stimulating their minds and with that said everything is about being smart. That means their style of humor is intellectual style and would be the type to tell people jokes that would go over everyone’s heads.