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Aries – 

Oooh get excited because all of the positive vibes are heading your way, so put your worries behind you and get on with the important task of having fun. If you are not smiling today then you are not living the right way.


You enjoy doing things for other people but beware because you could do too much now and encourage them to believe you will always be there for them, even when it’s inconvenient for you. It’s time to limit your assistance and let them learn to look out for themselves.

Gemini –

Whatever fears you had before will soon be gone and now you can start taking the kind of risks that actually pay out in the end. This is a time of challenge and opportunity and it is up to you what you decide to do with it.

Cancer – 

Money-making opportunities of one sort or another will be all over your mind today but don’t start thinking you have to make a decision on what you want to do quickly or you’re going to end up making a mistake. You’re not on the clock, so take your time and get it right.


Our luck seems to be doing us well but don’t take too much for granted. You’re going to have ideas and new possibilities flowing out of your ears today but you still have to plan ahead and move towards success one step at a time.


It probably feels as if events outside your control are putting a pause on what you have going on but honestly, it’s a good thing.. It’s probably best to take things at a slow and measured pace. Your time to shine will come soon enough.

Libra –

It’s not like you to worry what other people think about your actions so there's no need to worry now. That’s a problem for them but not for you so there’s no need to stress about anything going into the weekend

Scorpio –

If you felt like you got knocked off your rocker yesterday, don’t worry… you weren’t alone. Things probably got shaken up on the work front but the likely outcome is that new opportunities will arise from the chaos and you are in the ideal position to profit from them. Change is good for you.

Sagittarius – 

It may be the case that your haters have the upper hand at the moment but that doesn’t have to last much longer. Even though you are on the defensive end now you can easily turn things around and get yourself on the front foot again.

Capricorn –

Even though it might be easier to run away from your problems, they will catch up with you at a later date, so just deal with them now. If you face your problems head-on they won’t be problems for long.

Aquarius – 

If you have the confidence to follow your dreams over the next few days, no matter how outrageous it seems, you’ll be surprised to find you make rapid progress – and that progress could be even quicker if you share your dream with others.

Pisces – 

Unless a friend or colleague asks you directly to help them out with a personal issue today you need to keep your distance. You may mean well and you may think you have the answer to their problems but they are unlikely to appreciate your efforts.