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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: How You Love Based Off Your Sign?

Aries – 

When Aries are in love, their feelings tend to be a little wild and full of passion. They are not afraid to take the first initiative. But, Aries can also leave their partners behind if they are not willing to do things their way.


In relationships, Taurus are patient. They hold strongly to their beliefs and integrity and they will always fulfill the promises they made to their partners. They think that love is something worth fighting for and they are ready to give it to someone who truly deserves it.

Gemini –

Geminis are not so predictable when it comes to knowing how the zodiacs act in a relationship. Their partners must be willing to understand them as they tend to be moody but geminis love it when their partners are mysterious and the chemistry has to be on point for them to stay loyal.

Cancer – 

Cancers are attracted to physical qualities. But they like balance of personality and an good looking outside appearance. They like their partners to give them that extra attention and they prioritize comfort above all else.


Leo’s often show too much emotion. They can make their partners completely overwhelmed but Leos don’t boast and they don’t like it when their partners are doing better than them. It take a very special breed to love a leo for who they are at their core


Virgos think too much and tend to hide their love but this is because they are probably just afraid of getting hurt. Virgos tend to find partners that are good hearted, because they feel thats needed in order to trust them. Virgos can be difficult to love sometimes, but don’t be mad at them for it… they just live in their own little world sometimes

Libra –

Don’t act carelessly when a Libra is your partner. Libras are not up for harsh words and bad behaviors. They don’t like to hurt people either… they put other people’s feelings into consideration. And Libra’s have the image of their perfect partner in their head that cannot be changed.

Scorpio –

Scorpios are super protective of their partners. Once they fall in love, they fall deep in love… almost to a point where it can seem toxic.. They are not forgiving if they are being cheated on… they will probably key your car.They just want someone that they can rely on without any doubts.

Sagittarius – 

Sagittarius are communicative in a relationship. They hold on to that strong love they have for their partner and will fight until the end so they don’t have to give it up. Sagittarius are unwilling to let small fights break a relationship. They are truthful, optimistic and intellectual.

Capricorn –

When it comes to love, Capricorns don’t give up easily. They also tend to refuse rejection. Capricorns take relationships very seriously… to the extent where they start to think of the future a month in. For them, love is a mission that they have to succeed

Aquarius – 

Aquarians are known to be friendly. They don’t like to be overprotected by their partners. They prefer to look for partners who are independent with a strong personality. And Aquarians are always down to try out new things in relationships, if you’re picking up what im putting down.

Pisces – 

Pisces, the lover. They know how to make their partners feel comfortable. Pisces are so full of love that they are willing to share and they know how to make their partners feel special that they start to want a happy ending just like in fairytales. For Pisces, the person they love always comes first.