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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: How To Survive Virgo Season!

Aries – 

If you're an Aries, get ready, because Virgo season is going to put you TO WORK. You're going to be feeling incredibly productive, but that might mean you'll forget to take a breather. Treat yourself to a little self care. Get yourself a jade roller or something. 


Get ready for some heart eyes and rose petals falling — seemingly from nowhere. Virgo season is bringing you some ROMANCE! Before your phone starts blowing up, make sure you treat yourself to some good skin and body care! Go ahead and make that wax appointment. 

Gemini –

Get ready Geminis, because you're going to be really feeling the Virgo energy — and you’re not going to be liking it. To avoid this energy, you should just stay at home. Get a weighted blanket to make you feel like you at least have some company.

Cancer – Cancers will be making friends left and right during this Virgo season. Keep track of all the good times and get a polaroid camera so you can hang all of the pictures up on your fridge. 


Leo’s… we need to be wary of our finances. Virgo season is going to bring pressure to your bank account. It’s time to get that budget together that you’ve been talking about for months. If an app is doing too much… try that cash envelope trend. 


It’s your season and you’re here to rock it no matter what the haters say. All you need to make it through this Virgo season is some peace and quiet! Book yourself a little birthday staycation and get away from all the craziness in your life. 

Libra –

Virgo season may be weighing down on our Libras and causing them to feel incredibly fatigued. Treat yourself to a spa day! Hair, nails, brows, all of the things! And don’t be afraid to catch a little nap too while you’re at it.

Scorpio –

If you're a Scorpio, you may feel your social circles evolving. You're moving away from certain relationships, and forming closer ties with other people. You’re all about being social right now so fire up the grill- and throw yourself a little kickback. 

Sagittarius – 

I've got good news for you if your a Sag. Your work productivity is about to go through the roof. Get yourself one of those fancy to keep track of all the boss beezy moves you'll be making.

Capricorn –

Capricorns, your Virgo season will be full of good vibes. Capitalize on this by starting a new hobby. Something like yoga will do wonders for your mind and soul, so go head and book that class boo. 

Aquarius – 

Powerful vibes are going to flow through our Aquarians this Virgo season. You’re all about getting some Vitamin D and being out in the sun- manifestation will be your bestie this season so get some cute colored sticky notes and start leaving them around your house. 

Pisces – 

If you're a Pisces, you'll be focusing on your relationships this Virgo season — whether that be family, friends or partners. Plan more nights out. Go to the movies- or stay home and bring out the popcorn bowl!