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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: Which Tim Burton Character Are You?

Aries – Oogie Boogie

The main villain of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Oogie Boogie is a social outcast living on the outskirts of Halloween Town. Oogie Boogie operates on his own time, often only satisfying his own impulses — which is a signature trait of an Aries. 

Taurus- The Maitlands

Taureans are homebodies who thrive in one place. They love routine and crave stability above all else. Knowing that, what better characters best align with the traits of a Taurean than the Maitlands, the dead couple in "Beetlejuice." 

Gemini – The Corpse Bride

Like the Corpse Bride, Geminis themselves tend to be extroverted and are able to pick up things surprisingly quickly. They don’t like to stay in one place for very long, and they're always investigating new subjects and taking up new interests to occupy their time. Whether you like it or not, there's never a dull moment in the company of a Gemini.

Cancer – Edward Scissorhands

Like Taureans, Cancers (and by extension Edward Scissorhands) love stability, and they dislike change or being shoved into new, unfamiliar settings. They wear their feelings on their sleeve, experiencing not just their own emotions but everyone else's as well. They are fiercely protective of their loved ones, defending them no matter the consequences which you see in the wildly popular Edward Scissorhands. 

Leo -Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein is the epitome of a Leo personality. A jack of all trades, he can speak at length about seemingly anything. Valuing their own independence above all else, Leos like to be the center of attention, thriving in front of a crowd. When it comes to their inner emotions, Leos tend to be very caring and giving people.

Virgo- Jack Skellington

Virgos have an unfortunate reputation for being perfectionists. They want everything a certain way and hold things to intense scrutiny when it doesn't meet their impossibly high standards. They have emotional, borderline obsessive personalities and this is extremely on brand for the Pumpkin King and star celebrity of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington. Tired of doing the same thing year in and year out, Jack needed to kidnap Santa Clause to show out.

Libra – Sweeney Todd

Sweeny Todd personifies many of the most obvious traits of a Libran. Libras are one of the most judicious of the signs, wanting balance and stability in life. This is a sign you do not want to mess with… they will go get their revenge which is what Sweeny Todd is out there to do

Scorpio – Ichabod Crane

Intelligent, and intuitive, Scorpios base many of their decisions in life on logic more than anything else. This sums up the character of Ichabod Crane, the New York City police constable in "Sleepy Hollow" who arrives to investigate a series of brutal beheadings. Scorpios aren’t afraid to ask all of the questions and Ichabod falls right into this

Sagittarius – Edward Bloom

The main hero of "Big Fish," Edward Bloom is an adventurous man who embarks on numerous escapades throughout the film. Valuing their personal freedom above all else, Sagittarians want to experience life to its fullest. To them, any event in life (either good or bad) is what makes it worth living. They want to experience everything — joy, adventure, heartbreak, heartache, and everything in between. Edward exhibits all these qualities and more, making him the perfect example of a Sagittarian.

Capricorn – Ed Wood

Capricorns are the busybodies of the zodiac. Hard workers who never tire, falter, or lose steam, they are the powerhouses of the world, working wholeheartedly to achieve their goals, believing nothing will fall into their laps by luck or chance alone. To them, life is like a game, full of winners and losers, where the only way to succeed is through work and perseverance. These characteristics can be most directly applied to Ed Wood, the B-movie director at the center of Burton's film, "Ed Wood."

Aquarius – Betelgeuse

Due to their disdain for the norm, Aquarians can come across as rebellious. They're always running little tests that push the envelope, viewing unpredictability as exciting and spontaneous — something to enjoy rather than to live in fear of. This quality can be best seen with Betelgeuse. A charismatic, outgoing demon who isn't afraid to rub people the wrong way, Betelgeuse has his own way of doing thing

Pisces – Lydia Deetz

In many ways, Lydia, the only daughter of the quirky Deetz family in "Beetlejuice," is a classic example of a Pisces sign. A kind, caring person, she is also the only person who can see the ghosts of the Maitlands in the house, something that's explained as being possible because Lydia herself is "strange and unusual."