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Aries – 

News about your money situation will catch you by surprise today. It will worry you a little to begin with but it will soon become apparent that it’s actually a good thing for you. Your earning power is about to go through the roof!


You’er going to see that as soon as you get one thing off of your to-do lost today, another is going to land right in your lap- which is frustrating to say the least, but don’t sweat it. The effort you put in now will pay off big time. Just be patient.

Gemini –

Your recent efforts to impress someone in a position of power may have backfired and you are at a loss to know why. You were probably too obvious in your attempts to get in their good books- Try playing hard to get instead and see how it works out for you.

Cancer – 

You have been putting yourself out there to the point where you are completely burning yourself out. It’s time to treat yourself by doing only what makes you happy. If anyone says you are being selfish – and there’s sure to be someone – just ignore them.


 If you are searching for the right words to influence friends and family then you need to be quick about it. If you hesitate for even a second they are going to listen to someone else instead and it’s probably going to be from someone whose advice wouldn’t be good for them or for you.


You will go out of your way over the next few days to help out a friend but, to be honest, they need to just figure this one out on their own.. You need to stop saving everyone all of the time- especially because they probably wouldn’t do it for you. 

Libra – 

You’re about to see some changes when it comes to the money in your pockets. If you have been moving under the belief that you can’t possibly lose money that is going to be easily shattered today!

Scorpio –

 You have wasted too much time and too much energy trying to get along with someone who obviously does not want to meet you halfway. Accept the reality of the situation and make a conscious decision to have nothing to do with them.

Sagittarius – 

What goes down today will make it abundantly clear that reaching a certain goal is not going to be as easy as you imagined. Even if you put everything into it- your efforts are still likely to fall short. 

Capricorn – 

The part of your life that you’ve been making the slowest progress will be the part where you now start moving ahead in leaps and bounds. But don’t get carried away – there will still be obstacles that need to be dealt with.

Aquarius –

It’s not always easy for you to be open about what you need but now you need to or it’s going to be detrimental to your health. The people who know you best are well aware there is something you need help with but they won’t offer it unless you make it clear it’s what you truly want.

Pisces – 

You’ve been off a little bit lately. There have been a lot of things you wanted to say but for one reason or another- you felt unable to be honest about. Well, now you can and you need to let loved ones know what it is that’s been bothering you – and see what they can do to help end it.