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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: Which Adam Sandler Character Are You?

Aries – Happy Gilmore (Happy Gilmore)

Happy Gilmore, a hockey-player-turned-golfer who isn't exactly your typical golf pro, is extremely competitive with an aggressive side that he's not afraid of showing. Oddly enough, that sounds exactly like an Aries. Aries can be quick to anger. They are also courageous, determined, and want to be first in everything they do. Aries can also be impatient and short-tempered which we see with Happy

Taurus- Billy Madison (Billy Madison)

While Taureans are most known for being responsible and dedicated, they also have a feisty side. They love spending money and flaunting their wealth any chance they get. Like Billy from Billy Madison, Taureans can come across as spoiled brats with no sense of responsibility. But get to know them a little better and you'll realize that they have a good heart and a reliable nature. 

Gemini – Henry Roth (50 First Dates)

To put it simply, Geminis are a total flirt. Their two-sided nature means they're always flitting from one subject or mood to another, with little capability of embracing consistency. Although they're fun and affectionate, they have trouble forming that deeper connection, much like Henry Roth in 50 First Dates. 

Cancer – Robbie Hart (The Wedding Singer)

Cancers are our emotional zodiac sign and they totally understand Robbie from The Wedding Singer tendency to get caught up in feelings. Cancers are terribly loyal and can become pessimistic when they're hurt in a relationship. They are also very family-focused and care deeply about all things family-related. If anyone can understand Robbie's desire to settle down, it's a Cancer.

Leo- Sonny Koufax (Big Daddy)

Leos are often known as the most popular sign in the zodiac. They just can't help it. People are drawn to a Leo's warmhearted energy and intoxicating personality. For all their positive traits, however, Leos can be incredibly lazy. If they don't have to do something, they simply won't do it. There's a sense of immaturity to a Leo.

Wow. That sounds just like Sonny Koufax. 

Virgo- Lenny Feder (Grown Ups)

Although Virgos have a soft and gentle heart, you'd never guess from the way they approach the world. They're highly methodical and analytical, which grants them a lot of success. Unfortunately, they often get caught up in the details. They struggle to take a step away from their work and enjoy some time for themselves, much like Lenny Feder from Grown Ups.

Libra – Dr. Daniel (Danny) Maccabee (Just Go With It)

Libras are, above all else, peacekeepers. They will do nearly anything to avoid conflict, including lying about a fake family. Much like Danny, Libras are also indecisive. While Libras are friendly and social, they can be paralyzed by choice and prefer to just go with the flow.

Scorpio – George Simmons (Funny People)

George Simmons from Funny People- his career is in a slump as her refuses to open up about anything meaningful in his act. Instead, he turns to a sort of bitter humor to hide his emotions. This is pure Scorpio. Scorpios definitely have a deeply emotional side. But, they refuse to express their emotions in any kind of meaningful way. Instead, they might maintain an aloof demeanor that keeps people at arm's length. 

Sagittarius – Paul Crewe (The Longest Yard)

A Sagittarius' straightforward nature perfectly aligns with Paul Crew from The Longest Yard, a former professional football-player-turned-jailbird. He's sarcastic and irreverent, often choosing the worst possible time to make a joke.  

Despite his lack of diplomacy, Paul does have a good heart. While guiding his fellow inmates toward a football victory, Paul demonstrates a Sagittarians sense of optimism.

Capricorn – Michael Newmann (Click)

If any Adam Sandler character embodies the spirit of a Capricorn, it's Michael Newman from Click. Unfortunately though, he doesn't know how to be there for his family. When he gets his hands on a universal remote that controls his life, Michael uses it primarily to pause and fast-forward through family time to give himself more time to work.

Aquarius – Nick Spitz (Murder Mystery)

Although he certainly has his negative traits, Nick from Murder Mystery is definitely an Aquarius. They can be temperamental and aloof, but they truly care about others. He's a little proud and self-absorbed, but he's a committed problem-solver who wants to use his skills to help others. Aquarians may not be the best at everything, but they want to improve - a trait Nick clearly demonstrates.

Pisces – Longfellow Deeds (Mr. Deeds)

Pisces is also the sweetest astrological personality. Pisces are very in tune with their emotions but they don’t sit in their feelings like other signs. Instead, they're incredibly generous people who dedicate their time to helping others. When it comes to Sandler characters, there's no more fitting personality for a Pisces than Longfellow Deeds.