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Statement making, pot stirring, revolution inciting Aries energy goes right with Lady Gaga when she encased herself in 40 pounds of Argentinian beef and engraved herself in our collective memory in 2010 when she arrived at the ceremony in her now infamous meat dress. 


Surrounded by inflatable booties and surrounded by all body types, Lizzo took a swig of tequila from a bedazzled bottle, and urged her audience to love themselves, giving them permission to “feel good as hell.” It was body positive and it was bottles up.


Ruled by controversial and conversational planet Mercury, Geminis have a notoriously hard time biting their tongues and a reputation for speaking too soon, too often, and/or completely out of pocket and mind.Let’s Gemini artist/professional maniac Kanye West to the chat who made history when he hijacked Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to argue that Beyoncé was a more deserving winner. 


Cancer queen Courtney Love crashed Madonna’s post VMA interview by throwing her makeup compact at the material girl. When she was invited to join the party, Love, in a leather mini dress, uttered the words that may as well be stitched on the daily flag flown outside of the sandcastle of all crabs, “I’m sorry I insulted you, I was in a bad mood.”


Leos like a spotlight and a challenge. Self-possessed to outdo her own controversy, Madonna got Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott to join her onstage. Jaws dropped and tongues touched when Madonna, dressed as a groom, and planted a ceremonial mouth kiss on both Spears and Aguilera.


True to her sun sign, Virgo Beyoncé does nothing without strategy and style. At the 2011 VMA’s a visibly glowing Mrs. Carter performed “Love On Top” and signed off by unbuttoning her sequin tuxedo jacket to reveal the baby bump that was Blue Ivy.


Libras are suckers for a pretty face and a press opportunity. Enter Libra Nick Cannon in a sparky belly shirt at the 2021 VMAs. Everyone was shook when he got down on a bent knee and proposed on the red carpet.


In 2016 Drake used the stage to proclaim his undying affection for Rhianna. Standing tall as proof that life exists beyond beef and it is meant to be buried and love is forever, Drake became our certified lover boy right after this.


Sagittarius is a sign that is aligned with truth telling; whether they are seeking it or speaking it. When Minaj won the award for Best Hip-Hop video in 2015, she took the opportunity to call out the host Miley Cyrus. Using the infamous line of “And now, back to this b***h that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press the other day. Miley, what’s good?”


Jared Leto was paying tribute to late musicians at the 2017 VMAs. Leto gracefully saluted his friends while also urging anyone suffering with mental health to ask for help and find solace in the knowledge that they are not alone and the best is yet to come.


Emotionally aloof and mentally boundless. Aquarians are often accused of viewing the world through a remote, cerebral lens. Our boy took remote to new levels and performance to new heights. With a bandaged face, high above the most populous city in America, he sang a song about loneliness with only a circling helicopter, strobe lights and a ridiculous fireworks display for company.


It’s overwhelming to be a Pisces,; treading water in your own tears and the undertow of everyone else’s emotionalness takes its toll. This was evident in 2015 when Pisces Justin Bieber performed “What Do You Mean” on the VMA stage. Dressed like a skate park ninja, Biebs led a dance routine and levitated above the crowd before doubling over with tears of gratitude.