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PAYTON'S PREDICITONS: What Kind Of Potato Are You?

Aries: loaded baked potato

Aries are loaded baked potatoes because they have all of the things. You know what you’re going to get with an Aries and you know what you’re going to get with a baked potato

Taurus: classic baked potato

A taurus is a classic baked potato because I'm sorry to say it… they’re kinda boring… but if they are made to perfection… it’s going to be the crispiest buttery delight. And no one can get to that form of perfection other than a taurus

Gemini: potato chips

Geminis are potatoe chips because they come in so many different forms. Potato chips are always at all of the functions, they come with different flavors and different shapes and they are just like our Geminis

Cancer: potato soup

Cancers are potato soup because they give off soup energy. Just the energy of come here and let me warm you up and give you a hug. Cancers are basically soup

Leo: tater tots

Leos are tater tots because they give of that childish fun energy. You cant tell me it isn’t fun eating tater tots and Leos are just fun.

Virgo: potato gratin

Virgos are potato gratin. They are thinly sliced, very precise.. But very messy. Lets me real… on the inside… Virgos are the messiest out of the signs

Libra: French fries

Libras are French fries. Here's the thing about french fries… they are only as good as what you dip them in. just like how a libra is as good as the energy and they people they are around


Scorpios are unique. They are kinda unconventional because why would you scoop all of the goods out of the potato ya know? So they are like a Scorpio because once you finally cave in and let a potato skin aka Scorpio in your life… it’ll be an amazing experience


Sag’s are filled with so many different and amazing qualities just like cheesy potatoes have so many yummy different cheeses. The cheesy potato is really perfect just like our Sagittarians

Capricorn: roasted potatoes

Roasted potatoes are tried and true. They are reliable and you can always count on them to fill you up and leave a good impression. Just like our Capricorns

Aquarius: accordion potatoes

Accordion potatoes are weird, unique, different, all of those things. They are fun and pretty rare. Just like our aquarians

Pisces: Curly Fry

Curly fries are the type of fries you would spend a paycheck on. They curl and twist and turn and are one of the top tier forms of eating a potato. They are absolutely dreamy- just like our Pisces