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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: The Best New Year's Resolution For You in 2022

Aries: Be more patient with your projects.

You have a tendency to rush things, so make it a point to take your time. There's nothing worse than starting a project only to leave it half way done. Just know a good project will take a long time to complete, so be incredibly patient with the project and yourself.

Taurus: Appreciate what you have.

You can sometimes be really paranoid and that can cause you to lose everything you have right in front of you. Your resolution is to chill with any jealousy you might feel, because you'll be a lot happier if you just focus on the here and now, rather than fear what could be.

Gemini: Stop rushing.

Stop jumping to conclusions, and just slow down. Take your time if you’re working on anything. Start by taking a deep breath, and accept the fact that you might fail, but its okay. You’ll find success eventually.

Cancer: Be more positive.

Cancers are known for being quite pessimistic, but when we can't change the world around us, we have to make a change in ourselves. Delete contacts and group chats that stress you out is step one in blocking negativity, and step two is to surround yourself with things and people you love.

Leo: Listen to others.

Your friends come to you for advice and for understanding, but you sometimes can't help but make the issue about you, even accidentally. Sometimes your friends don't need to hear that you've been in their situation before, sometimes you just need to listen to what they have to say.

Virgo: Stand up for yourself.

You have a kind heart that people walk all over, and you can't stop thinking about the pain it causes you. It's not an easy to stand your ground but you need to definitely work on it. Start slow, by telling someone, "No I can't do that favor for you, because you hurt my feelings.

Libra: Take no BS.

You're often taken advantage of by those around you. Whether people mean it or not, sometimes they treat you like a pushover and this needs to stop this year. You deserve respect, Libra, and the only way you're going to get it is if you give it to yourself first.

Scorpio: Trust people more.

Trust is a difficult thing, especially if you've been hurt so many times, but you can't let past experiences ruin future ones. Of course be cautious; for example, if your gut tells you someone seems kinda iffy, then trust your gut and get away from them.

Sagittarius: Break the distance.

You become quite distant when you're stressed, so this is the year to pull people closer when you need them the most. We can understand that you don't want to stress out your friends and family, but they care about you and only want to help.

Capricorn: Get out of your comfort zone.

Make sure you learn how to say no to people and put yourself first, even if it makes you uncomfortable for a little bit. Making friends with more Virgos will help you because you both have the same attitude when it comes to creativity.

Aquarius: Don't overdo everything.

Having more than one goal is great, but when you have 20 within the a month, chances are you're going to have trouble finishing any of them. So take one step at a time and pick your battles.

Pisces: Let your creativity run wild.

Make this the year that you improve your skills. Work on a big project to help your mind work. Something in the past has stopped you from being creative and it’s time to bring that back.