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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: The Best Workspace Setup for You

Aries: Go for a standing desk

Aries don’t do well sitting all day. Also, standing allows you to stay active while getting your work done. Now, for an extra boost of motivation, hang up some inspirational quotes or images around your space.

Taurus: Make your desk as relaxing as possible

Get rid of any clutter you have around and maybe add a plant or two. You can even add a pillow behind your back so that your workspace is cozy and comfortable. As weird as that sounds, it’ll allow you to be more productive.

Gemini: Surround yourself with books

Doing that will keep you in a creative space, allowing your mind to be curious. Any books that you have laying around, grab them and take them to the office that way they’re handy for whenever you need a mental boost. Use that new information to re-inspire your mind at work.

Cancer: Make it feel homey

Now, a lot of people create an intentional divide between work and their personal life. According to your sign, your workspace should feel like home. What you can do is light a candle, display photos of your loved ones, and personalize your desk so that it feels like it’s yours.

Leo: Display your accomplishments

Leos were born be seen, so don't be afraid to take all those wins over the years and put them on display. Not only will they help you stay motivated, but they'll also remind you to hold the vision for more recognition that’s on its way.

Virgo: Keep it organized

If there's one thing Virgos love, it's organization, so it's only fitting that their workspace is in order. Invest in some new supplies, folders, and filing cabinets. It’ll make your space feel even more lean and clean.

Libra: Make it beautiful

You’re advised to go all out with the decor—think of colors that pop, fine textures, and some art pieces you can stare at all day. Basically, anything that elevates the look and feel of your area, will help you be more driven and productive.

Scorpio: Simplify it

You can’t have any distractions at all. You thrive when you’re able to approach your work with a passionate intensity. Find a space where you can be alone, put on those noise-canceling headphones, and dive in.

Sagittarius: Have multiple workspaces

Some people thrive when they have one dedicated work-space. But Sag, don’t like being tied down. The best way to find the freedom and sense of adventure you crave is to switch things up. Maybe one day you're at the kitchen table, the next at a coffee shop, or even taking your work to the park.

Capricorn: Create scenic view

Capricorns are known for their work ethic, so they don't need a ton to keep them inspired, but having a scenic view will for sure get them excited and pumped. Capricorns are here to climb the mountain, so working with a powerful view, will keep your motivation strong.

Aquarius: Throw out all the rules

Allow yourself to embrace your inner wild child and do things differently—no traditional workspace set up is good for you.

Pisces: Decorate with your art

The best way to keep yourself going is to remember that you’re part of a whole, and we are all one. Whether it's a poem, a painting, or something else that reminds you of your spiritual journey, place it on your desk, so you have that constant reminder that your work isn't just for you—it's for all of us.