Find Station


Wanna find out who’s got some cheap gas. 




Are both apps that will show you where the cheapest fuel is around you RIGHT NOW. 

Prices are changing all the time , so keep up here. 


Want more in your tank so you don’t have to go back as soon..

Fill up in the evening or super early in the morning..  Thats when most stations have their tanks filled so there’s more gas… 

It also has less air in it so you can get more in your tank.. 


Think of filling up a beer from a keg… don’t fill up with the handle going full force.. 

Only pull it back half way and you’ll get 5 to 10 percent more in your car. 


If you use WAZE , it will tell you where the traffic is.. it’s better to take side streets than stick stuck in traffic.. 

You waste more gas just sitting there .. then acutally moving.