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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Top 3 Songs You Should Wake Up To


Savage By Megan Thee Stallion

Sorry Not Sorry By Demi Lovato

Stronger By Kanye West

Aries are just fiery, confident and fearless — and all these songs embody all those things


"All For Us" By Labrinth And Zendaya

"Work From Home" By Fifth Harmony

"Needed Me" By Rihanna

These songs are about putting in work and holding down the fort, which is something a reliable Taurus can very well relate to.


"Thank U, Next" By Ariana Grande

"Say So" By Doja Cat

"It's Not U It's Me" By Bea Miller Ft. 6lack

Gemini’s are always on to the next, not letting anything boring ruin their good time. And we know a Gemini would have no problem saying "thank you, next" to someone — in the nicest way possible, of course.


"Lose You To Love Me" By Selena Gomez Sorry

"Summertime Sadness" By Lana Del Rey

Tell Me You Love Me- Demi Lovato

Cancer’s are always in their feels and the song "Summertime Sadness" has your name written all over it, even though Cancers just hate being a cliche.


"Motivation" By Normani

"Finesse" By Bruno Mars Ft. Cardi B

"Good As Hell" By Lizzo

These songs are all about swag, feeling good, and knowing you make heads turn. It also takes a lot of confidence to say that you'll be someone's motivation — thats the kind of confidence only a Leo has. 


"Without Me" By Halsey

"Location" By Khalid 

"Fix You" By Coldplay 

Virgo’s are pretty confident in their ability to be a good friend or lover. Halsey sings about being there for her partner and helping them get on their feet, and basically saying "good luck" not having me. Which is all Virgo vibes. 


"Lover" by Taylor Swift

"Intentions" By Justin Bieber Ft. Quavo

"Golden Hour" By Kacey Musgraves 

Lover is the perfect song for a Libra because they can relate to both parties in the song. Libra loves love, and wants nothing more than to shower their partner with affection.


"Bad Guy" By Billie Eilish

"My Oh My" By Camila Cabello Ft. DaBaby

"Teenage Fever" By Drake

Scorpios have a reputation for being intense and kind of dark, so they can definitely relate to a song about being a bad guy. 


"Truth Hurts" By Lizzo

"Sunday Best" By Surfaces

"Shake It Off" By Taylor Swift 

Sagittarius is known for being vocal and blunt, so the phrase "truth hurts" is kinda something they live by.

Also, Taylor Swift, embodies that positive can't-get-me-down spirit with her song "Shake It Off.” Which is all you.


"Boss" By The Carters

"Break My Heart" By Dua Lipa

"After The Storm" By Kalis Uchis Ft. Tyler, The Creator

Capricorns don't open up to just anyone, as they're extremely protective with their feelings and vulnerability. Also, Capricorns know they’re a total boss.


"God Is A Woman" By Ariana Grande

"Stargazing" By Travis Scott 

"Borderline" By Tame Impala

Aquarius would be the one to bend your mind and have you question everything you've ever thought to be true. And those songs are all that.


"After Hours" By The Weeknd

"Get Me" By Justin Bieber Ft. Kehlani

"Ivy" By Frank Ocean 

All true Pisces, just want to be understood. They love to get deep and talk about things below the surface. And those songs are pretty deep if you listen to the lyrics.